Orange Bones Wheels?

Had a fun day with RIT Dye!


  • Didn't know you could dye wheels... How does the dye hold up?
  • that is awesome
  • What are we looking at here? The wheels were dyed orange? Or the logos were put on?
  • the wheels being orange
  • Yeah dyed with RIT brand fabric dye. Jim the color on these went in deeper than the spf's I did cause they are softer, but it is at least a 1/4 inch deep all around. A guy on OMA said he left em in the dye for like 6 hours and cut one in half as a test wheel, and the dye was all the way through. SPF's went in for like 25 minuets as compared to the experimental wheels above which were soaked for like 10 minuets. This is very easy and fun. If you do it on a wheels like the SPF or STF that have the graphics on the outer edge, I recommend you dye them when new as the scuffed graphic makes it not look as clean till it all wears off. I like the white Bones wheels for my normal decks, but wanted a cool color wheel for my cruiser so sunshine orange to the rescue!
  • im curious to see someone do that with a board and im also curious if it would work with multi color printed wheels
  • I've used Rit dye as a stain on a blank board before. Just mix it up and stain it like regular wood stain. Those wheels look awesome!
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