What is everyone hoping to see in the next catalogue now Stacey is back?

I'll start, l'm hoping on more shirt's, preferably late 80's early 90's style's. Also l'm hoping
to see all board's produced from now on, to have the multi coloured winged ripper on the
top of the board like back in the day.



  • Flammable Bones shirt!!!!!!!
    Street Bones shirt.
    Future Primitive shirt.
    Old school sweat pants would be awesome.

    Black and red LM FP deck.
  • I second the multi colored ripper
    and more t shirts
    waaay more
    remake ribbones
  • Yeh, remake rib bones! September's too far away! But l guess it give's them more time to go
    through our wish list and make it all available to us!
  • well it has already been said that once the current stock of plastics are gone that will be it
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    Yes! So glad Stacy is back and Powell Peralta lives again!

    I definitely hope old school Rib Bones, complete with Rat Nuts make a comeback. It seems there is quite a demand for them, based on eBay results. Especially to go with the reissue decks!

    I'm ok with the top graphics currently being used for the reissues. As long as it is era specific to the model it's being used on.

    More wheel reissues like T-Bones, and also Bones Freestyle to go on that Kevin Harris. :-)

    Would love to see more old school graphics on new school decks, ala the Ray Bones and Vato Rat. Bones Ripper with classic rip strips, or McGill snakeskin popsicle anyone? ^_^

    Now, I know I'm really pipe dreaming here, but how slim are the chances of getting VCJ back into the mix of things again? Imagine that! New VCJ graphics? That would be off the charts!
  • I second the VCJ return, that would be killer. Also agree w/graphics
    on top of decks, ripper, pp dragon, etc... With Stacey back I'd like to
    see more collaborations w/Stecyck, a la Z-Boys/Dogtown graffitti imagery,
    maybe even with some inspirations from his documentaries. I haven't had a
    chance to see the Bloods & Crips flick, but love all his others, the guy's got
    talent. I love it that he comes from a skate/surf background, & directs
    circles around Hollywood A-listers, all while staying true to the roots/vision.
    very cool. I'm real stoked to see what's on the horizon...
  • Totally agree captaind, Stacey will breath life back into the company for sure. Watched Animal Chin on the weekend
    for the first time in 17 year's. Stacey knew what it was all about back then! This is my opinion, but l feel most kid's these day's don't have the "stoke" that we felt then and still do now. Watching that movie again just re energized me into
    just having fun on my board and knowing in my heart that Powell Peralta is gonna rein supreme once again.
  • I can't speak for new, younger skaters....but to me they are missing the point.

    When I watch or skate with younger kids, they seem too focused on landing a specific trick. They get frustrated and miss out on the fun skating is supposed to be about. Sure, I would try a trick for hours...but I was having fun. If I didn't land it in a few tries, I would go onto something else...then go back to the trick I was trying. I don't recall getting frustrated too often. It was all about grabbing my board, heading out with some friends, and just having fun. I LOVED playing add-a-trick. We would come up with some stupid tricks....but they were all fun. Step off slap grinds, hospitals off a curb...dumb stuff, just having fun. I guess that's why I don't like skating with younger kids...they have that "if you can't do ______ then you suck" mentality. I don't need to land a backside kickflip to handrail to have a good time.
  • great thread guys, keep it going.
  • i love playing add a trick! it can get crazy! just this past weekend we invented a new game to play called stall skate in which u just do stalls on a ledge haha
  • yeah too many kids today only want to skate to be "cool" or to turn pro and make a living at it. I was telling some kids today at skate camp about the time I met the Bones Brigade in like 86 near Charlotte NC and how cool Cab was and how funny and goofy Lance is and they were tripping out that it was possible to meet pro's without being in CA or FL! I told them those guys were just kids then and not the superstars they are today. They made a living off of their boards primarily. Contests did not have enough prize money like today to sustain a rider with out a pro model deck to support them. Now most companies crank out a series of decks with all their riders names on similar graphics in a range of sizes that most often are not what the rider named on the deck rides. I'm glad Powell has not gone with this trend. Chet Childress comes to mind. Nothing on Chet here he's a super cool dude from Right down the road, but BL has his name on a 7.6 inch deck. I have never seen Chet ride a deck this small any off the times I've seen him in the bowl in Wilmington, nor on any of the footage I've seen of him in Oregon and Cali, but he rocks and his name sells boards. Kids have lost the stoke for sure. At lunch today at skate camp three kids believed I was riding for Wendy's and got free food for sporting the visor, plaid shirt and red pigtails in contests! It's insane that most kids today seem to skate for gain rather than fun:( Ride with Chin and your sure to have fun!!!!
  • even though im a new age skater i absolutely agree i have met pros over the years like mike v,sal barbier,tony hawk,bucky lasek,andy mac and many many others and kids today definitely do not have that outlook that they should have which is a shame but then again that is life and the only thing u can really do is point them in the right direction
  • I ride the local skatepark's and am involved in the design and push for a bigger park in my town which we are getting.
    But kid's are, like Chris said, are just too busy landing all these flip trick's. I could never get sick of watching Cab board slide anything he try's to. Kid's just do handrail's because they've never seen or used rail's. I alway's get asked the same old question by young dude's.."What are those thing's?" I tell them what they are and that you can actually boardslide carpark barriers and gutter's with them, they look at me with confusion!! Boardsliding concrete with no wax??
    I feel sorry for them sometime's, some day they might take notice and just enjoy this sport and not worry about all these flip trick's.
  • Forgot to add this......Noskool hit on the head. My opinion again but l have to say it, board graphic's these day's suck!
    It come's down to the extinction of rail's again. Board graphic's don't have much of a life span these day's which is probably why company's don't put any thought into pro model's. Powell Peralta's graphic's have alway's been the best as far as l think. The graphic of each pro model ever produced represented that skater personally, which l loved. Who didn't love walking into their local skate shop and staring at at the new Powell Peralta board's that just arrived that week! I was and still am a huge fan of Frankie Hill, and l can still remember that feeling l got when l saw that Bulldog board for the first time! I'd just like to say on behalf of all us on here, we all love Powell Peralta and where super stoked that we think,this company is more than a company to us........it's a way of life.
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    i remember walking to my local skateshop 12 years ago and i saw my very first powell board which was a dragon standing on top of planet earth (graphic was called dragonworld)i remember thinking damn that board is hoooooot and then somehow i managed to just keep seeing their boards and i got hooked on their graphics and started buying powell stuff!like u just said powell has the best graphics in the industry! the art department is really amazing over there!
  • Lets hope they give us what we want!(mcgill snakeskin)haha. I also would like to see more shirts, maybe some sweat pants. Some cool re issues that havent been done. Other then that, Suprise me!
  • i would definitely love for some shorts to be remade cause that is all i wear
  • I agree, I love me some old school shorts ;)

    I would kill for a Tommy G board.

    Rib bones?
  • rib bones for sale on ebay

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    a solid line of "experimental graphics" on new and old shapes. can't get the permission to re-issue decks from certain skaters? - just give us the experimental version. and i've got a whole bag of even better ideas. hit me up george and stacy ;)
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    The "experimental graphics" thing is a great idea! I always used to think about how cool it would be to have one of those boards.
  • Yeh! Would love to ride a board with the Experimental graphic on the bottom! That would be sick!!
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    alright........... here goes...

    im glad stacy is back.. now he's just gotta whisper in georges ear like he did back in the day and shed some light
    hopefuly on the the importnce of "details" and the market of today.. is really the same market it was in 1980-89.
    now i fully appreciate the new "powell" popsicle only brand and the importance of it in the market. there has to be and will always be progression..however this company..to me at least has such an amazing lineage and culture that is never...ever going to just lie down and die without a fight.

    there must be way to bypass the whole "signing off on graphics" permission. i mean seriously.. re issue the original hawk.. are you kidding me.. you cant come to some monetary agreement on remaking that board? its like eddie van halens stripped guitar..also an 80's icon thats highly sought after. if it isnt ment to be.. il live.. but really..is everything really being done? maybe it has and im wrong but..someone there has to have at least considered the return on the investment.

    ok next..... i love the re-issues. keep em comin. i know.. supply and demand and all that and but make less.. and make em higher quality. id rather see less of a selection and super high quality product. this is vintage art. sure some will skate them.. alot will. i do... all the time ..but most of the people skating em arent doing handrail slides down a tripple set im sure. thier buyin rails on ebay. cruisin around with em. hiting pools. riding ramps. and hangin em on the wall. we need.. full dipped./ top grahic/ and wheel well appropriate for time period decks. i know im not the only one that feels this way.

    understand..... im NOT complaining. i love this company.. i love that stacy is back. i look forward to seeing whats next. just adding my opinion.. and for the love of god and all humanity can we please have the snakeskin =)

  • What about a Beamer?
  • Nick's got alot of good points, especially comparing the market factor(s) to lineage & culture-
    there' s so many fly by night companies claiming to be "true to the roots", but inevitably, are
    run by bone-heads who talk the talk, without walking the walk, if ya get my drift... I'd like to
    see Skate One branch out into the downhill/speedboard thing, because in the teeny bit of experience
    I've had in bombing/racing, I'd put Bones urethane over Abec, hawgs, etc, & it wouldn't be too much
    for Powell to make a decent top-mount speedboard that'd rival ones being put out by Comet, Fullbag,
    or Lush longboards, for instance.
    I had a conversation tonight with the teenage kid of a mechanic I work with about skateboarding which
    echoed alot of earlier points by at the top of this post - his dad had helped me out one day so I gave him
    an extra TSG Ripper helmet I had on hand, right out of the box. So I met his son for the 1st time today,
    & instead of thanking me for the flow, he starts talking about Baker this, & Girl that. When he asked me
    about set-ups, I told him 'look man, just listen, try some BONES wheels, & Powell wood. It's all good, dude,
    I wouldn't recommend something if I didn't think it was worthwhile - especially if money's tight, ya don't
    wanna waste your dinero or your time." Instead of actually listening, he had a glazed look in his eye, like
    I had just told him that aliens had landed downtown, and he started up again, yammering about Enjoi,
    Zumiez, and Chocolate. I hate to admit it, but I fucking gave up on this stupid moron. Yeah, it was late,
    after a long weekend of hard work, but I feel now that I should have smacked him upside his head or
    something. Better yet, i should've just went to my trunk & pulled out my Graffitti Ripper w/ SPFs
    & said "look dumbass, try this board out "
    I'd really like to see Stacy reprise his classic scene where he smashes the TV & pulls out a vato rat exclaiming
    "Now THIS, is a SKATEBOARD!"
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