Old decks and XT boards

will there ever be Xtra Tough boards like the Hawk Skull and Cross deck
It was my first powell board that i got a few years back and it was tough and durable at about 20 years old


  • i dont see it happening but they did put a new construction method on a few of the popsicle boards
  • you mean bonite? That stuff really sucked. Chipped like crazy and heavy as hell. The new methods yield very good boards, so they probably won't go back.
  • I'd love to know the story about boneite. What a horrible, horrible idea. It was heavy, flat as a pancake, and disintegrated when wet. My friends all insisted it was simple tar paper. They were hard to snap in a typical manner - the ply's all went from nose to tail (there was no cross ply). So instead of breaking in half, you could split them down the middle (if you tried).
  • I remember realizing how heavy they were when I got my first 7P and noticed how much lighter it was. But I tell you this, with all the swelling and nose/tail chipping that came along with the XTs....I never broke one. The 7Ps would break right in front of the rear truck....may have been my style, but I would go through those like nothing.

    If give the choice though, I would take 7P over XT any day of the week.
  • yea no plans to release any XT decks in the future. i will note that it was mentioned though. thanks
  • Yeah Bonite was damn near impossible to snap even when it chipped to hell! It was also ungodly heavy compared to 7 ply. There are many other more modern materials that could be used instead of Bonite. Jesse if you mention this some one might have a brain fart and start making these again!
  • yeah i had 2 bonite dragon and bat caballeros, one of them was a mini. The mini was beat to hell, the kick tail was probably an 1-1/2 smaller on all sides than stock just because it would chip away. It had no concave to speak of, not sure if the minis were meant to be flat or not. But shit howdy that deck would flex. Zero pop.

    The deck is still around and was my first old school deck so i though all of them were like that. I got my first 7p maple kicknose Mcgill and was amazed at how different the ride was. infinite times more pop and wow what a concave!! I ended up putting the cab mini and mcgill up on the wall and buying my second bonite cab off ebay which i ride everyday. I missed the way the heavy ol XT rode to be honest. It gives a very nostagic feeling.
  • the white boneite was the best. period.
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