Ray Underhill specs

I would like to know if the length and nose, tail and wheelbase specs listed for the Underhill board is accurate. It is listed as being the same length as the Frankie Hill board but the numbers dont add up. I would love to get an Underhill board but I dont like boards much shorter than 31.5".

Thanks for your help.


  • yes it is a 10x31.5 with the tail being a 7"er
  • yeah i was wondering if the wheel base was right though, a 13.75 wheelbase is really small. Im kinda hoping the wheelbase is larger because I cant roll on a base that small.
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    it should be 15.375. sorry about that. ill try to get that changed asap.
  • Thanks. Is there any chance the Underhill and Hill Bulldogs will stick around for the next catalog and get a new color?
  • at this point its hard to say. we are just trying to pump out the new stuff from this catalog at the moment.
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