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So, i have the red/black/white Steadham reissue with orange rails, a yellow tailbone, and a red nosebone. The wheels are green rat bones, which look quite awkward with the rest of the setup. The new wheels would be the AT-80 60mm powells, red or black. which would look better?

Sactown's sidewalks are pretty jacked up, which is why i wouldn't get the 85a rat-bones as the black option, softness is key.

is there a way to put pictures of it on?


  • Either color AT-80's would look good. Just a suggestion, see the thread I made called Orange Bones Wheels?, you could use black Rit dye to make your current Rat Bones Black. The Rat Bones are a better shape for that deck than an AT-80 shape would. If you want to post pics you need to host somewhere like photobucket or similar site. Then copy the link from the img code field and paste it here. Make sure the BBCode is checked below in the format field.
  • yeah, those were pretty sharp. where did you get Rit dye from?
  • Currently:

  • I'm diggin that setup ;)

    Just curious, what kind of trucks and coper are you ridin?
  • well the trucks are original mid-80's indys; is the coper the truck guard, because i don't know what that is.
  • you can get Rit dye at most grocery stores where the laundry stuff is. Yeah the coper is the truck guard and that set up is sick man!
  • alright, thanks. ill prob make the wheels red, since there's a set of really old red kryptonics laying around that looked good on it.
  • Nice set up, man! I'm actually kind of digging the green Rat Bones. They go well with the randomness of the nose, rails, and tail. It also fits with the whole retro '80s clashing style. :-P
  • yeah I dig the colors too!
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