Trucks & acessories

Are trucks and risers come in a 1 unit?

What is this?

Is that a tape or adhesive tape?

Size to choose?


  • "What is this?"

    Bearing parts. The retainers are the inner workings of the bearing, the "slots" are what holds the ball bearings. Basically for rebuilding bearings.

    "Size to choose? "

    Depends on your setup. Do you use risers? If so, how thick? That will determine how long of a bolt you need, as it needs to go through the deck, truck, and risers....if any.
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    yeah for hardware if you are rocking 1/8 inch riser go with 1 1/4 inch. If no risers then 1 inch hardware will work. Use 1 1/2 bolts for 1/4 inch risers.
    Is that a tape or adhesive tape?
    It's a roll of sticker tape. it's main use is for lining ramps or skateparks.
  • ok, thanks for the comments

    but .. risers $ 2.00 x2 & trucks $ 21.95 x1?
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