New Mini-Logo Graphics!

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The Mini-Logo line will update the current logo to a larger but still unmistakeable bottom graphic. Keep your eyes open for it to appear in the early spring.


  • Best graphic yet. Now how about some hats or T-shirts?
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    yea the graphic is rad i think the boards should start coming with a sticker i think the best mini logo graphic is when they did the powell stretch box logo at the bottom truck plate
  • Mini-Logo stickers and shirts.....ill see what i can do. thanks Axiom and Bill
  • Ditto! Yeah, stickers would be nice too. I just wanna show my Mini-Logo pride!
  • it'd be rad if u could do graphics where instead of the "ml" logo is on the bottom, if they did the powell triple p logo too. i like the new graphics too.
  • Good idea! ill pass that on and see what we can do. thanks
  • would you guys like to see different color ML graphics on the same color decks? such as a red graphic on a white deck or a lime green graphic on a black deck?
  • Yes, colour combination variety would be great!
  • That would be cool not that important to me though, but if you do it, I would like to see a flat black graphic on a gloss black deck, or any other color with that combo. And, I'm going to keep bugging you about shirts, stickers or hats until you fold!!!!!!!
  • that would be dope jesse!
  • oh yea how about some allen head hardware! or maybe u can do some powell brand randoms or something
  • Nice! ML or Powell randoms would seal the deal!!!!!
  • yea they could have the triple p logo on them
  • we are going to be getting someone to tackle the M.L. brand head on and hopefully use all these ideas. this is what we need to hear to keep you all stoked! thanks
  • If you need someone to test em out, I'll plaster stickers all over my car. Clothing wise I could be an M.L. walking billboard!!!!
  • I see ya changed the logo again. I really like the little add on. Do you change the logo every production run or is it just coincidence?
    Best logo yet!!
  • yea we try to update a little with every catalog run we do.
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    it would definitely be nice for mini logo to get back into the powell brand speaking of the triple p logo there was mini logo boards with them in early 2000s i remember them but my favorite will always be the powell stretch box :D
  • I like how the mini logo is becoming a maxi logo. I have an old MiniLog board with the small logo, it's my fave of the logos. While I'm talking to you, just want to say "Thanks" for making so many WHEELBASE options. As an Old School guy I find most boards to feel too "short". W/MiniLogs, I know I'm gonna get EXACTLY what I want each time - that's pretty awesome.
  • Mini logo shirts and stickers? I'm not sure what the point would be, why not just rock powell shirts and stickers. I think Powell does a good job in the art dept (esp. Bones wheel), and the mini logo is kind of... well... flat. Just my opinion.
  • yeah. mini logo serves its pupose well indeed. but just not for me either.
  • "I like how the mini logo is becoming a maxi logo"

    haha it pretty much has, now that the logo is like 8"

    thanks for all the complements and we are happy to hear you love our products even if they aren't what you normally ride. id like to see a change in the mini-logo line but maybe we dont change it cause it seems to work fine just staying plain and simple. i have been pushing for colorway changes for a while and keep getting denied. its hard sometimes to make others listen.
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    "its hard sometimes to make others listen." u got THAT right.....

    colors should definitely change even if it is for one run just to try them out
  • "its hard sometimes to make others listen" see also "MCGILL SNAKESKIN PETITION" for more details =)
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