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  • hahahaha seriously.

    as for the ML colors, i have asked and the only response i get is, "it would be too hard to clean the screens and change them between colors." what? yea, kinda confusing and i work here. i mean a white deck with a lime green logo would be dope, black with a red logo, orange with a white logo, etc. its so easy to come up with color combos that would sell. maybe they are scared it will hurt sales? baffling
  • id like to sit in and give some input on your management product focus groups. it would be about a 17 and half hour meeting.... wait maybe 20.
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    well i understand where they are coming from when it comes to printing just about any place will tell u that white is a hard color to print but i think they been using those colors for so long that the screens are a mess and it would take a long time to clean the screens and dont feel like dealing with it BUT EVENTUALLY THEY WILL HAVE TO change the colors
  • screens are easy to come by in a major product manufacturer, or at least should be.

    Nick you would make a great brand manager as well as you Bill. you two are end users and you know what sells. we are point A for products and sometimes the end users ideas are overlooked. this forum is a good gauge for what the people want and are demanding and i hope that other people i work with look at it. i dont think anyone does though cause im the only one ever on here.
  • yea i wish i had the positiv or powell line and i agree....screens only cost about 25 bucks well here on the east they are dont know about cali-forn-na-na
  • yea its hard to say how much they cost since im not in that department
  • yea probably something ridiculous
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    yep. im out promoting powell peralta every weekend at the skatepark. showing kids what old school boards are. most of em dig em and want to know where to get em and i point em in the right direction "here". some arent and thats fine. its not for everyone. most kids want new school and thats understandable but...... i am aware of a large marketshare out there to be had for old school decks. guys my age that still skate/collectors etc... thats why i throw on here as much positive input on here as i can as often as possible. love the product. always have. always will. thanks jesse. =)
  • i bet we get a deal cause we use so many different ones. the ML decks still get the og style screening (screening directly on to the board)
  • yea i seen that process i been trying to remember the difference between silkscreen and heat transfers
  • you basically silkscreen on to a transfer and then apply the transfer on to the board and peel off the plastic sheet after the ink has stuck to the board.
  • haha a big ole plotter sticker
  • im sure there is tons more that goes into making the graphic the way it looks. layering, color mixing, alignment, all kinds of stuff. it would be fun to work in deck printing for like a month just to see how it all goes down.
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    i wonder if alot of the templates are set up on computer for correctness? im sure technology has changed since back in the day. i thought heat transfers were supposedly the"low end" way to make graphics. i saw a hosoi neon re-issue that was supposed to be heat trasfered and i scratched the paint off by just barely hitting it on accident with my fingernail. real crap paint.
  • here is the difference
  • Hate to be late in the discussion but I think stain colors would rock! I love decks with a nice Orange,Blue or Purple top stain to cut sweet grip patterns and stencils to show through. I really like the new red and blue colors. I would like to see stain decks though.
  • yea they did those in the 90s they were dope id always try my best to buy the aqua blue ones
  • yep. agreed. stains add a nice touch. looks really nice for sure
  • yep they are probably alot cheaper to get done too i think
  • stains would be cool, especially the kind that "bleed",
    or even some that kind of overlap, a la punk/graffitti
    style... definitely contrasts in color/ways are a good
    ps - now about that graffitti ripper, ...
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    hey captaind there is a bowl contest next saturday at 5pm at charm u should come down for it the bowl has been done for about 2 weeks u might like it it has 2 hips and a escalator where u can grind from high to low the entry fee is 25
  • I'm headed to OBX for the weekend, but thanx
    for the invite, Bill - which reminds me, what's going
    on with the hours @ Charm City, I've went by there
    a couple of times, & it's been closed... One time awhile
    back there was a guy waiting for Jason to open it up, we
    waited awhile, then I had to split - btw, have you made
    it up to the York Reid Mezner park yet? It's so smooth,
    nice finish to the crete, alot of lines too - the only downside
    is it's ALWAYS crowded there, early, late, whenever... Nobody
    goes to school or works anymore I guess...
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    yea charm doesnt usually open til 1230 also there is a new entrance to the park it is right where the gate is where the charmcity design is on the wall and no i dont drive lol so yea remember there is a new entrance to get in it is a brown door right by the silver fence that u come in the old entrance is closed
  • shoot, I didn't even realize that the new entrance was going
    on, I noticed the painting on the wall, but figured the cars
    in that parking lot were for that other co., because somebody
    told me a long time ago not to park over there, they complained
    about skaters - huh - well, thanx for the update amigo, I'm glad
    I know now, I just figured they were getting ready for the move
    to Dundalk -is that still in the works btw? I was out off North Pt
    Road for a funeral Wed, & didn't notice that ramp park that was
    outside, near Wise Ave? I thought? It did bring up memories of
    the old "House Ramp" out there years ago, & Fishermans Hell Ramp
    that I only went to twice. Anyway, what days do you usually go to
    Charm, Bill? My work schedule's weird, but I'm gonna try & get there
    maybe next Monday or Tuesday...
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