CAB3-Full Dragon Re-issue??

I know of CAB 1,2 and 3 Half/dragon have been re-issued but I really would love to see the CAB 3 w/ the full dragon version made re-issue any chance?


  • Yup, I remember that deck! My older brother had that deck when it came out I believe and I was young and we lived on this hill. I just remembered that we were skating and launching and he went off the ramp! And did a,"BROKE IN HALF CAB" trick! and landed. That sucks, but thats the only way to sk8board, jus rip' it!! Would love to see that board re-issued and even the tommy with them sick colors.
  • we did reissue that deck about 3 years back in a white and then a black color way. you can find them on ebay pretty regularly but for a bit more than retail. ill pass on your request. thanks
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    Thanks I've seen them on ebay and they want too much. I hope you guys make them again thanks.
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