Graffiti Ripper and Ray Bones New

Hello Everyone,

Has anyone skated a Graffiti Ripper or a Ray Bones New? I will be setting up a new deck soon and I wondered if you all had some feed back on the "Ray Bones" 8.75 inch deck and/or the "Graffiti Ripper". Thanks


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    I ride the 8.375 Ray Bones. The bigger one has the new K15 concave which my Hipster has and it is sweet. The K11 in my Ray Bones has a really flat tail and feels weird, but the K15 on that board is gonna feel much better. I am actually looking into these two decks as well. We just opened a sweet new park here in Raleigh and the pool is BIG! I need a bigger, wider and longer wheelbase deck to handle the speed! These are the only two pics I have of the pool. And no that is not me skating it, it's my buddy Jay Smith, (not the former Powell rider with the sweetest laybacks EVER) but I did shoot the pics and come on thats at least as hard as the skating right!?
  • Thanks NoSkool,

    Those are nice pictures. Jay Smith looks like a pretty good skater. I appreciate your feedback about the ray bones. Right now I'm riding a skull and sword powell classic which has a k10 concave, and I have g-bones wheels on it. I'm looking for the board to be a bit more narrow and with a bit more pop. I'm thinking of getting more narrow in small increments so I can get used to it. I have a k-12 mini logo deck but it is just too narrow, but I like the pop and the angle of the nose and tail. I've heard the k-15 has some nice pop and more room on the board, which would be nice for the pool. I'm leaning towards the graffiti ripper because I have independent 169 trucks that will fit the deck. I'm thinking I will go with rat bones II's PF for wheels. I just got back from the Medford, OR skatepark, which has a nice pool too. I'll get some pics soon. Thanks again.
  • I've actually got both boards, & they're really nice decks, the k-15
    is definitely a cut above the rest for foot placement/comfort/feel.

    The Ray-Bones'll be better with Indy 149's, I had some older 165's from
    a few years back when Indy was doing 155's but not 169's, & they kind
    of hung over a bit - also, the nose is pretty big on it proportion-wise,
    some guys like it, others not so much (I like tapered noses better).

    The Graffitti-Ripper just plain rips, in my opinion, especially if you're
    coming down from a skull & sword classic. Indy 169's fit it, even with
    bigger wheels, and the added length/wheelbase is nice & stable, while
    cutting down on some of the width that can make the skull & sword a little
    bulky (I had one awhile back with the older k-10 concave, & it reminded me
    alot of a Jay Adams Z-flex stolen in NYC from my car - I actually was so pissed
    because it had Indy 169 trucks on it before they started making them again that
    I went into a police station to report it stolen: NYPD's finest literally laughed me
    out of the place, "yeah, right, we're gonna look for your SKATEBOARD!!!" Thinkin'
    about it still makes me mad...)

    Anyway, you can't go wrong with either one.

    Noskool, that park looks so sick, 1st chance I get, I'm there, dude!
  • Yeah Captaind soft opening next weekend and Grand Opening May 2nd. Anyone who can should come check this place out. Also thanks for that info on the boards. I think I may go with the Ripper cause I want to rock 169's and some 60mm SPF's.
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