Yellow vintage Hawk Iron cross

I don't have the link but there is a sweet Powell & Peralta Yellow Hawk Iron cross mini on the bay. Dude is super cool selling it so bid it up!


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    if your refering to mine....thank you. =) miss being on here. i just have a monumental amount of stress im overcoming. and overcome it i will. il be back.... soon. =)
  • We're with ya bro!
  • Nick you da man! and yes, you will overcome it with out a doubt!
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    thank you guys. i appreciate all the kind words and support. im blessed with good friends and family. including those that are within reach and those ive never met.(that being everyone on here) this forum is a great place to be. should have everything sorted out soon. i have to tell you.... i feel like christain hosoi after this experience..i belive god works in mysterious ways to guide us in the right direction... now........... if i can just do rocket airs about 9 ft above the coping ...him and i will have 2 things in common. =) thanx guys your the best.
  • Thats awesome Nick. You are correct, the Lord does work in mysterious ways. Dont know if you know that Steve Cab and Lance Mountain are both followers of Jesus Christ as well as Christian Hosoi. Theres thre Brigade connection to the Lord for ya!!
  • Where a brotherhood in here Nick, keep ya chin up buddy! Where all good listener's!
  • thanx guys. i appreciate all the kinds words.. im almost through this turmoil. I have no doubts any longer in reguards to my faith paul.. your right.. he does work in mysterious ways. Im grateful i can still skate and im blessed with many great friends. about another a week or 2 and i should be on a set path after all this disaster..and il be back. good to see everyone on here still trying to make progress and expressing their views and wants for the direction of powell peralta. this is a great community of people and such an amazing company with such inspired history. You guys rock! =)
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    good to hear Nick! thanks for the update and we look forward to having you back as a regular.
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