Reissue Wishlist!!



  • So David Brown bought Zorlac but doesn't want to profit from his purchase?
  • I thought Zorlac was reissuing John Gibson models.
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    Barbee hydrant Schmitt stix lucero x2 OG style
  • Yeah, David Brown doesn't like fun.
  • T bones, crossbones, and more Mcgill snakeskins please!
  • Weli freestyle
    Mountain Crest
    Underhill cross/chain
    Bug team deck
    Other coloured tail bones apart from black and white (WTF?)
    Blue Rib Bones
  • There should be no reason why they can't do a Bug team deck. Surely the whole team wouldn't have to sign off on it?
  • the bug deck is out right now just in popsicle form
  • The bug deck would be a pretty neat reissue
  • T bones and cross bones please
  • Yeah bb, but who wants that?! :frowning:
  • And the bug on the popsicle is smoking a joint and that is so lame.
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    Lots of tweens, teens, and twenty something's smoke weed! Most of us grow out of it in our dirty thirtys! :p
    Maybe they should also do a crystal meth/ice addicts arm with Powell Peralta bugs crawling under his skin while he is scratching it to the point of bleeding? Yeah, maybe not! Cliver!!!
  • Hahaha. Like the idea Wake!
  • -Cab Ban This (og shape/concave)
    -Mountain/Stecyk Vato skull (pig from BBVS; I know it was just a one-off for Lance to use in the video, so I guess it wouldn't be a reissue but an issue)
    -Barbee ragdoll (Ban This shape/concave i.e. no kicknose!)
    -original crossbones and t-bones in EVERY color!
    -Vallely elephant (Public Domain colorway/shape/concave; his recent reissue with the "distressed" graphic is cool, but he ruined it up by putting a more modern concave and kicknose on it)
    -rib bones, nose bones, and jaw bones in every color
  • wont see any vallely decks for a long ass time
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    Most likely never glad I got a couple
  • They're worth good coin now. Wish I had one.
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    The good old days, back when Mike V used to be cool.
  • ...running through that cemetery!
  • This is a graveyard! Why would I wanna run through a graveyard!? Never wanna run through a graveyard!!
  • The voices scared him Macca!
  • I'm still a mike v fan always was and will be
  • ....we know @Ptown, we know!
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