Mini Logo decks

Want to know what people think of mini logo decks. Do they have good concaves, are they durable?? Thanks for any help.


  • They are great decks. They are the same decks as Powell uses minus the graphics. The concaves are good, just no K15 yet.
  • Yeah from what I hear k15 concave kills the other powell concaves. Hopefully they make some mini logos with the k15 concave.
  • best quality and made in america. tons of shapes to choose from and always clean and simple. i have asked about adding the k15 to the lineup so maybe next go around.
  • u cant beat the price or quality of minilogo decks
  • a K-15 mini logo with dims of 33" X 8.5-9" and a 15.25 wb would be more than idea... Just sayin...
  • What Zeno01 said would be perfect.
  • but make a hybrid shape if it's above 8.5 wide. Big popsicles look strange. Kind of squareish tail like the Graffiti Ripper.
  • You know, I used to agree that the big popsicle looks weird. Hell, it might still look weird, but I freaking love my 8.75 Rodriguez. I wasn't thrilled with it at first AT ALL, but I gave it a go, and man, it makes skating big stuff loads easier (usually I go with a 8 popsicle).

    I put some DTF's on there, and Landsdowne is now my bitch. (Nah, I'm still sketchy, but this combo is killer there.)
  • that 8.75 Rodriguez indeed rules!
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