customer service!!!

ordered a deck Monday, it was on my front porch Tuesday afternoon. amazingly fast...


  • do you live by santa barbara? i live in NorCal, and it took a week and a half for mine to arrive
  • Wow!! It took a week and a half for my stuff to arrive and l live in Australia!!
  • pretty much all orders placed before 1:00pm will ship out the same day. a lot of times we will go beyond that because we just like to have things taken care of and not sitting around. in the instance you order on a Friday at 4:00, your order will probably sit until Monday morning and be shipped out Monday afternoon.
  • SoCal - about 2.5 hours from Santa Barbara. Even when we were back east orders always seemed pretty quick. Thanks SOC.
  • your welcome. we pride ourselves in efficiency
  • always a week and a half here on the east coast but it is all good
  • yeh i always would get my stuff pretty fast. next day is the way to go if you dont mind spendin the cash.. im impatient..
  • haha that is way too much money
  • yeah i know... i cant afford to do it anymore anyways.. have to learn patience i guess now.. oh well =)
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