Use of risers

Might be a silly question to some people but what is the added value of putting on risers ?


  • When using bigger wheels, it cuts down on or eliminates wheel bite.
  • it keeps the wheel further away from the bottom of the deck. and like oldschool said, prevents wheel bite
  • Would .25" risers work on a deck with independent 169s and rat bones II 60 mm wheels? That is what I'm thinking about using on my Graffiti Ripper when I get it.
  • Sure, 1/4" or 3/8", depending our your preference. I like 3/8" with wheels around 60MM.
  • yea 3/8 or even half inchers. depends on how loose you ride your trucks
  • thanks guys. Are 3/8 risers easy to find?
  • Well,

    I guess tracker offers a 5/16" risers, which is close to 3/8. Also I could used a .25" riser and then add a .1" pad to make it .35.
  • yeah Khiro makes all diff sizes. Also can't believe no one said how riser reduce stress cracks!
  • dont forget minilogo and bones makes riserpads too
  • ok, so I get it, a bit like a body lift on 4x4's :-)

    well, my next question is then what is the difference between putting large or small wheels on ? Are bigger ones better for vert or street or vice-versa ?

    Just picked up skateboarding again since back in the 80's and noticed that items available on the skateboarding market had been growing impressively so I'm trying to catch up again :-)

    Used to ride an pink hawk iron cross with whatever hardware was available at our local shop at that time, never really paid attention to sizes and stuff ...
  • 50-54mm is for street
    55-57mm is for parks
    58-62mm is for vert/longboarding/

    of course u can ride wheels on anything u want but those are the main sizes and applications right there
  • Thanks for the info !
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