Kevin Harris Setup

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Here's the final set up I put together for my 5 year old son. I'm not sure he's old enough to realize what a cool board this is...





  • yea it is dope i love the top layer color
  • WOW that makes me want a Mullen or Weilender sooooo bad!!!!
  • I could never skate one, I'm just too big, but I would love to build one up.
  • nice job. yeah... i tried skating my mullen.. didnt go over real well. they look cool though.
  • The one board I would like to see re-issued is a Mullen Chessman...

    I jump on the Harris now and then, but only to shoot down the driveway. It's definitely too small for me to ride, but fits my son perfectly. Today he asked me why his board doesn't have any rails. I tried to explain why, but he was not convinced. Did Powell ever make "mini ribs"??
  • Nice setup! Last time I skated my Mullen (I "retired" it to collector non-skate status about 10 years ago, fearing my bigger, heavier self would crack it) it was awkwardly small, but still very fun to skate. Seeing this and thinking about it again makes me want to put a Harris together too. :-)

    What kind of trucks do you have on there? Tracker?
  • if you look in some older pics of mullen skating his old freestyle board, there are some shots you can clearly see he has rib bones mounted. guess he was just experimenting with grabs and such. they look weird on there though because the board is so narrow..
  • They did make super short ones as I remember connecting the Jaw Bone on one of my boards to the rails with them.
  • aka Short Ribs. ;-)

    I've always had rails on my Mullen. Never knew it wasn't common on freestyle boards.
  • Those are Tracker trucks. Got them from SoCal skate shop, then sourced all the other parts from Old School Skates and Purple Skunk.

    Maybe I need to find some yellow ribs then. The hunt begins...
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    REX-203 - Do you have a picture of your Mullen? I found some 13" Powell Mini Ribs online. Is that what your using? The wheelbase on the Harris deck is 13.5", so that puts the mini rails under the wheels a bit...
  • That setup is amazing
  • Sure OldSchool, here ya go:


    These are full size 14.5" Rib Bones. As you can see, they do extend pretty far beside the trucks, so I'm sure the 13" Ribs will be fine, if not ideal. I just remember choosing these because I wanted more coverage for grabbing and stuff, but you may prefer the 13".

    Hope that helps. :-)
  • nice set up =)
  • The Mullen deck must be a little longer than a Harris. I measured 13.5" from axle to axle on my Harris. Either way, my son seemed stocked about the idea of having rails like his Dad's boards.
  • Score!

    Just picked up some yellow mini rib bones off of eBay...

    Can't wait to bolt them up.
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