Does anyone have a good tutorial or explanation...

On how to grip your powell board, so just there is an area where the logo on top is cut out? I'm about to get my new Powell Peralta Ray Rodriguez Board :)) and I want to know how to do this, because I've seen it on alot of old Powell Peralta boards and it looks rad.


  • get a sheet of tracing paper and lay it out over the logo. draw the appropriate shape..half oval is the most common to fit the dragon shape etc.. and just lay it over the back of the grip tape and cut it. its a trial and error process. and it takes a little planning..take your time with it!! half the fun of these boards are customizing the griptape.. at least for me anyways..... hope that helped.
  • Thanks, I'll try that!
  • n o prob man.. like i said.. just take your time and have fun.. try cutting shapes and experiment.. when i grip a board i treat it like an art project im getting graded on.. thats just me =0
  • also has laser cut grip tape that already has cut outs for the top graphics if you can't get the look you want.
  • The last time I did some thing like this I used a large sheet of paper (my kids finger painting paper) laid it on the board - put truck bolts on to hold it in place (and line it up later) along with some strategic painters tape, then used a crayon and rubbed the paper along the edges - this made a perfect out line. The tough part was then taking compass and doing a good job of uniformly taking a 8th of inch off all the way around. Then used that template on the grip tape. It was a pain and it still wasnt perfect but it was a fun rainy day project.- buy the die cut if you can find it.
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    heres how i do it and it seems to work fairly good every time.

    cut your grip in to two pieces in the middle of the top graphic. (not the deck but the oval dragon or winged ripper)

    place one of your half's on the top of the deck with the cut line (edge of the grip) in the middle of the top graphic.

    fold back your grip to where you want to start cutting (most people like the grip to be surrounding the top graphic at least a little so pull it back till a inch of grip, maybe less, still covers the top graphic) and make a mark or a small crease on the edge of the grip for reference.

    mark on the grip where you want the peak of your arch to be and start cutting towards it from one side then the other. try to make the arch of the grip match the arch of the graphic.

    remember taking off less is more because once you take off too much your chapped.

    i hope this helps. its just my way of doing it and it may not be the most accurate but it works fast and usually comes out pretty nice. but then again i have done hundreds of boards working here and have it down pretty good.
  • i love to do something with my tape on every new deck. here is my latest complete, mini logo 171 with thunder 149's, mini rat 93a's and powell ceramic bearings:


  • That's really cool mark!
  • If it's the winged Ripper you can do this:
  • Yeah! thats the kinda thing I want. My board has the dragon though..
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