so what are you riding??



  • i wouldnt be surprised
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    I snagged one of the Silver Surfers out of the Specials section....Nice Ride for scootin to the store and whatnot !!!



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    nice i thought about getting one cause i wanted to set up a new longboard. they got some new specials today
  • newest riders.. Roskopp Face 2, gullwing pro 3's, 54 mm santa cruz bullet re-issues, powell rib bones (new)
    Powell Peralta Future Primitive, indy 169's, 56 mm oval dragons ,vision rails
    bones bearings in both..of course.
  • yeah, that nose is huge!!

  • Nick,

    That SC Rob Face 2 looks rad.  I was thinking about getting that SC Mob Grip for my Rob Face and after seeing your setup I am.
  • Thanks! Yeah I love it..its got a small tail on it..but its a great board.
  • @nick spesia,

    can you tell me what you think of the quality of the SC deck in comparison to the Powell? I have been reading that the wood and graphics are not as good on the Santa Cruz re-issues. Many Thanks
  • santa cruz uses chinese wood now
  • The Santa Cruz decks are very hit and miss. And have you seen the Black Label Skateboards re-issues? They are nothing but wall hangers. They are super thin and flex really bad. Well the ones I have seen, and the ones with the wheel wells are really bad too. And there is no way you could skate the black label skateboards. Seems to me Powell is the best on quality, not only for the art work but the decks themselves.
  • because powell is really the only major brand that cares about quality these days
  • Thanks for the advice, I will stick with what I know and get a Powell. Now to decide which one???
  • get the snakeskin mcgill
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    Ive skated the jason jesse, corey obrien, and the roskopp. I have no complaints on quality whatsoever. My vision Mark Gonz re issue is also super solid. None of these decks ive just listed have ever warped or de laminated either. Unfortunatly I have had powell re issues warp frequently. It doesnt seem to effect ride quality, and it could very well be that its an effect of higher quality wood naturaly changing shape with climate? I don't know, im not a wood expert. my favorite deck and shape is the hosoi hammerhead 2 reissue and il tell you... The quality of paint on that deck is very low, it peels it gets stress cracks easily. But its super light, and ive never felt more comfortable on any other shape for skating pools. Sorry for rambling on... ;-)
  • ask a beaver
  • @DR freedom, Already got the mcgill in my NOS collection.

    Thanks for the advice Nick.
  • You have very good collection, i like these very much and its good you enjoy skating in this stage and with your son. skate boards
  • since i live in pretty much a backward country, I'm not 100% sure which Powell I ride.  Also, the guy I got it from put Gotcha stickers all over the bottom, so no clue now what it is.  but this is what I ride and been riding for about 10 years now.  Old school PP with Vereflex baseplates, Indie 10inch trucks, Golden State Buck Purple wheels (bought them in 96 and still going strong) and el'cheapo bearing (no name brand)

    I also have another old school PP but this one is a mystery to me.  it is a lot shorter and I use Gulwings on it, no wheels for her.  This is the board I learned to really skate on in 96.

    sorry, not sure how to post the pix.  still new here :))

  • just go to photobucket or image hosting site and copy the html coding  link that starts with <
  • Very cool seeing these old school boards from when i was a kid. I still skate alot with my sons & do boneless to 360 pop-shuv its. I got a Hoffart Pegasus & Blacklite rasta color Cab dragon, the boys have blacklite skull n sword & a ripper. We have alot of fun & enjoy every minute of it!!
  • Hey Nick love the Future Primitive board you got set up. The colors really pop off the board! What does the board measure length wise, tip to tip? I ask because my experience with Powell boards is that they are usually a good half inch shorter than what they specify on the site which can be a drag! I think they should take a correct measure once they have the boards actually made instead off just off the specs in the plans.

    No worries if you cant but just thought I would ask.
  • the vomited rainbow colour scheme looks awesome imo .. very 80's
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