so what are you riding??



  • Nice setup man! I have one of those decks for sale, but in the green.
  • Thanks dude, yeah I saw that. If I wasn't broke as shit I'd think about it.
  • Just ordered a Mechanical Dragon yesterday. Really looking forward to letting my inner - pig board flag fly with this one.
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    I have a posicle (now broken) and a skateboard from the 90's (I recently broke it). Sorry but I can't see any pictures. No more skateboards for me until I get a new one. :-( I am just borrowing a longboard for now. Trying to learn how to slide.
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    Yikes, doc and bb as newbs in 2010! doc has a few beers to get the dutch courage to ride ramp, with or without a helmet i don't know :-) and bb rides a cab stencil, a non popsicle board. my how times change lol
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    haha i wasnt a noob in 2010 i been on the forum since 2006-7 and i never rode a cab stencil
  • I think wake was meaning I had a cab stencil. I would choose a popsicle over an old school with no nose. My preference is 15" wheel base with a good sized upturned nose and at least 8.5" width. I like shaped boards so long as they have good dimensions.
  • I'm sorry if i got you guys mixed up but the picture was of a cab stencil, next to a flip lance
  • And you may not have been green bb, but your not as brown as you are now :-)
  • The picture was around 2009-10 in this discussion
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