Grafitti Ripper, Rippin'!

Hello Everyone,

I received my Grafitti Ripper deck in this past Thursday, and I was impressed before I stepped on the deck. To me, this deck is a great hybrid of "old School" and "new school" decks. It has the squared tail which I prefer, it has a deep concave, and it has a nice long nose as well. The pop is impressive with this deck. I also like the width, 9", because I don't do well on anythin lower than 8.5, but I am ready to try something more narrow than 9.5". I put the deck together with my independent 169s, rat bones IIs Park Formula, and Bones Reds bearings. I took it for a spin at a local elementary school last night and it was fantastic. Understand that I am coming off two good years with a Skull and Sword K-10 concave with G-bones, and that set up was just getting heavy and old to me. On the Grafitti Ripper I can olly higher and do flip tricks (well one flip trick anyway) easier, and the concave makes me feel like I am in more control of the board. I could go on forever about just one night of riding, but I won't. I'm thrilled that I have a board that I feels good for the "street" tricks I'm working on and is wide enough for the skatepark too. I'll be trying the local skatepark tonight. later. one more thing. The Rat Bones IIs PF are solid I'm sure they will rip at the skatepark.


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