skate park photo ID pic's

hey anyone have any of there old skate park ID's laying around? here is mine from Turf (RIP) Milwaukee, WI



  • Man we did'nt have any of them fancy skatepark things here in North Carolina back in the day. We is a bunch of rednecks who had to build everything ourselves till the late 90's
  • wow, what a strange coincidence, Mark - My mom's been cleaning out
    their house because my sister & her family have to move in temporarily
    for the summer, so she dropped off some boxes of my old stuff to go through.
    I found an old wallet from "back in the day" & inside was my ID from the
    TURF, #10389, expires July 31,1992. (I'm a total numbskull when it comes
    to posting photos, etc, hell, it took a sailor from Slovenia to set me up with
    a yahoo email account, so sorry no pic). It's funny, when I looked at myself,
    I thought, who the hell is this punk kid? Here's how hungry I was to skate
    such a rad place though: I had a friend get out of the Navy who was going to
    drive out to Chicago from MD & visit a shipmate of his, so i tagged along, hoping
    to get up to Milwaukee somehow. They didn't skate, they drank, so I ended up
    hungover & bummed that I was so close, & yet so far - when we drove back to
    MD, I told another mutual friend how rad Chicago was, so he decided he wanted
    to check it out too. I asked my boss for some more time off (he hated me anyway),
    & the 2 of us drove back out there - It was the summer that Jeffrey Dahmer got
    caught, all over the news, & we kind of were weirded out some- somehow, I
    convinced my buddy (who also didn't skate) that we should check out Milwaukee,
    & "oh yeah, there's this really awesome skatepark that has alot of chicks hanging
    around... maybe you can hook up with one while all the guys are skating"
    I don't know why, but he bought it, we found the TURF, & I was so blown away
    by it, that the 1st thing I did when we went home is call up ANOTHER friend,
    who DID skate, & convince him that he had to skate this killer place. So, I
    ended up quitting my job (temporarily, I came back later & begged for it back)
    stocking groceries, & both of us road tripped back out there to skate it again.
    Funny thing is, I could probably tell that story to all kind of different people,
    & the only ones who'd understand is some skateboarders - everyone else would
    shake their heads wondering why go through all that trouble, did ya make any
    money, did you see the sears tower, or eat some wisconsin cheese? I did drink
    some Milwaukee's Best, but hell, I did that all the time anyway, it was one of
    the few beers I could afford!

    Anyway, someone posted some old footage of sam hitz tearing that place up on
    Concrete Disciples not long ago, which made me question why in the hell it was
    ever torn down, such a sick park!! My coper kept falling off when I went there,
    & I was real paranoid that I'd get thrown out, because I'd heard they were strict
    about enforcing that.
  • great story, and yes i would totally understand the road trips there. Turf is not totally dead, it is in hibernation, ill explane further... when the owner was going to close it up for the last time, he did what the other owners had done before him: removed all the coping, filled the pools with gravel and cemented over the gravel filled pools. it could be reopened if some one could talk the furnace company that uses the building to move out. but the only pool that was any fun for me was the clover anyway. i skated there a week or so before they closed and the pools where cemented over and there was only one small fun box in the middle of the shop. far from its former glory to say the least.

    any other story's out there??

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    Here is a cool site,might see a few names you recognize???
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