Spf wheels

I am curious about how hard the spf wheels are. What would be an equivalent duro for spf ??


  • our SPF and STF urethane can not be graded on the dero scale because it is a superior formula that has characteristics of multiple wheels. what i can say is that they are hard as hell and can still grip while going as fast as you can through your favorite pool or park. and when you need to slide out of a trick or grind, its a controlled slide.
  • Thanks. So the stf and spf will work equally well in pools, parks ramps etc then??
  • Nah man, STF would not work well for concrete. Well not as well as SPF. SPF formula is incredible on crete and skatelite.
  • SPF+Swiss=Warp 10 Mr. Sulu!
  • break neck speed is what were talkin! haha you guys are epic!
  • For the record STF's work great on concrete, I'll let you take a spin on my ride next time I see you noskool.

    I think people confuse STF's with a soft wheel, but they seem pretty freaking hard to me...
  • oh I know there hard John. They are about as hard as SPF I think, also fast as crap and fun on skatelite for sure. Thats why I wanted to clarify above and say not as good as SPF. If you do skate street at all, then STF would be the better all around wheel. SPF seems to vibrate on non smooth concrete or streets and STF rides better. I only ride my SPF's in parks and pools. For street I actually use and old set of Autobahn wheels, cause I had em and I'm too cheap to buy some STF's for my street board I ride once or twice a month LOL! Good catch John, I should not have discounted the STF's for park and all around use.
  • lol...I love me some Bones

    Sorry Noskool, I guess it was Jayrock who tried to tell me they were too soft for the park. IDK...
  • Yeah Jay is SPF to da grave!
  • I love my SPF's. Great on 'crete and blew my mind that they were great on masonite! Thanks Bones, great wheels!
  • we are happy to hear all the great reviews! and thank you guys for diggin our urethane
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