There is a BUZZ.

A good friend of mine is telling me that powell is going to make a come back with the new video. He thinks when FUN gets into shops kids will see something new, to them, they will be very interested. Ill tell you what, if that new add with the kid tail sliding and dropping about 9 feet, doesn't open some eyes and get some peoples attention ill be shocked. Cant wait for the second coming. Good luck. OO


  • hope your right. that would be awesome. =)
  • or Ben's smith grind down that curved rail will also blow some minds. it did mine. those guys are so good its unreal. Jordans drop after that tail slide is huge.
  • when does the video drop? sorry if this has already been answered somewhere else.
  • we have been told april 15th but it may be closer to June 1st
  • yea probably during the summer time when skateboarding season is in full force
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