SB Fires

With the wild fires raging in Santa Barbara I hope all of the Skate One employees, families, and friends are out of harms way...


  • Yes please update this.. id like to make sure everyone is ok. A.S.A.P thanx
  • are these fires realy close to SB and the facory ? When I watched the news, it looked so terrible ....
  • it is nowhere near the powell warehouse it is in another city in santa barbara county but u can still see the smoke from the building
  • we are all pretty safe. some of the employees had to evacuate last night but their houses are all ok. the fire is in the down town area and we are in Goleta which is about 10 miles north west of there. the smoke is blowing almost directly west out to the ocean so we are pretty clear of all the nasty ash and smoke. dont worry boys, the Snake Skin Decks still have the same chance of being made as they did before the fire. haha
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    yes!!!!! i mean..... glad everyones (and my pink Snake Skins) ok =)
  • Fixed it for ya Nick ^^
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    ha ha ha!!!!!!!!! wait...... thats not fair!! i want administrator privleges!! its funny though =)! the snakeskins gonna be pink then huh??? =) hopefuly!!
    and hopefuly with purple snakeskin background a pair of lime green rib bones itchin to be mounted to it. =)
  • yea it seemed like pink with purple is what everyone wants so thats what i requested from the art dept. its not for sure yet but they know everyone wants it

    admin privileges may happen eventually
  • yes. =) did i mention i love powell peralta. =) if you need a just pull up my sleeve and show george my winged ripper tattoo.
  • ......on that subject......if ya ever need an Aussie promoter!!.........:)
  • hey you never know what could happen
  • Put me on the short list soc!!
  • your on it but there are really no guarantees
  • such is life...... =)
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    Yeh l know!:) I wear Powell Peralta shirt's 99.9% of the time, so l guess l'm already promoting them! I'm positive they will be as big as they were in the late 80's and early 90's again in the next couple of year's over here.
  • yea i think there are big things to come for us so keep your eyes peeled and ears open
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