Please don't tell me there's no more Hot Rod Flames!!!

Noticed they were listed as out of stock for awhile, now they're
no longer on Powell Classic page either. This is pretty much the
best board without exception that fit my big feet & pardon the
expression, "wide stance", the past few years. Please, please,
say it ain't so...


  • WHOA! new graphic - never mind...
    ps Looks like I know what I want for X-Mas!
  • yea they are awesome. they have the tritone paint that changes colors depending on which angle you look at it.
  • Is there a list of the Hot Rod Flames graffic, starting in 2004 (not the brightlight series) Red flames on Black background and was sublimated?the 2nd Black flames with Red background, #9Gold flames on black, #8 Red flames on Blue, #7 Black flames on Purple, #6 black flames on Green, #5 Black flames on Blue. These boards have more color than I described (KISS) #3 and #4 ?
  • #1 was red flames on black sublimated
    #2 was blue flame on black, sublimated
    #3 was ghost flames sublimated
    #4 was black flames on red, screened
    #5 was black flames on blue, screened
    #6 was green
    #7 was purple
    #8 was red on blue
    #9 was gold
  • best deck for me since #1, how many years now? I've tried riding other
    boards, and either the concave's not right, or they're too short or too
    long, too narrow or too wide. I actually modify them a bit, using the
    old school truck pattern, I adjust the wheelbase to allow for more tail
    & less nose, sanding the nose down some to align exactly w/Indy 169's-
    fits perfect!
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