Would anyone like to trade indys?

Okay so I just got my sister a new setup (Steve Cab chinese dragon, green rats, nose bone, tail bone, pig rails.) and the indys I got were.. just a tad bit to long for her board. So I'm wondering, would anyone like to trade their barely used indy 169s for my barely used 215s? We put them on, and rode them for maybe 5 minutes, they are still practically brand new.

Also, how would one go about putting on a tail bone without access to a drill XD (drills broken)


  • only way would be woodscrews my friend.. they will work but..try and find someone with a drill and 7/32 bit. thats your best bet. and yeah.ive made that mistake and bought 215's....it sucks. i still have a new pair collecting dust.
  • I tried woodscrews, didn't find one big enough so that the rat nut ( I think thats what its called? ) could go through the top.

    And yeah, I'm dreading the fact that we probably won't be able to ride both of our decks and just keep one set up. :'(
  • oh wait... lets get this straight.. DONT put the woodscrew all the way through!!..if you use wood screws..just screw em in. but not all the way..u wont be able to use the rat nut with wood screws..dont try..its not gonna happen..it will only end in disaster.. =) and.... use a screwdriver with woodscrews not a power drill etc.. its too much force and will possibly crack the screw..ive done it...... it sucks.
  • I don't even care if the 169s are grinded up, just not that grinded XD
  • try and find a wood screw "similar in size" as the machine screws that came packaged with your tailbone. defenetly not bigger. ............ im having a panic attack... i need a xanax after that. =)
  • I already did screw one of the wood screws all the way through XD it didn't make a big enough hole though :o
  • christ........ i need a shot of tequila now. =( ok....... no more screwin for u mini cubicle. your cut off =)
    ok..... go to a hardware store.. bring the machine screws that came with the tailbone and show em to the guy or gal.. (if shes hot..hopeful she wont have any idea what a tailbone is) and tell em you want woodscrews about that size to hand screw into a 7ply deck. bring the board and the tailbone..seriously..show em..its thier job to help you.. and he may even screw em in for you..hopefuly its a hot girl that somehow works at the local ace hardware..if it is.. take a picture of her screwing the tailbone on for me..and post it A.S.A.P. =)
  • jesse.feel free to correct that..if need be^^^^ =)
  • Lol at the post. I might just do that. Except I'll have to get mom to take me sometime, the hardware store is pretty far away :O
  • mini cubicle.. if i lived by you id stop by and build that thing for ya.. =)
  • Yeah I kinda need the help lol. When it comes to putting together old skateboards it's cool, I'm now just being introduced to all the plastic bits you can put on em.

    Say, If I found wood screws that were about the same size as the bolts that come with the tailbone, couldn't I just screw those in like the same way you put on rails?
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    YES!! thats the ticket. =) ok..... your allowed to pick up a screwdriver again. =) by the way... its pretty cool your into these boards..especialy "powell Peralta" and your obviously not an old worn out skater like myself. props to you mini-cubicle. =)
  • Woot! haha even though I already screwed one hole through the tail haha. Oh well I'll use wood screws for now, then In a week when I see my dad Ill borrow one of his drills then do the job right.

    Yeah I pretty much only ride old school boards now (Powell Peraltas are the best) I just think its alot more fun then riding the new "popsicle" boards. Plus I don't really like the skateboard scene today, back then It was all about having fun, and now it seems kids today have forgotten what it's all about.
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    "back then It was all about having fun, and now it seems kids today have forgotten what it's all about."

    this kid..is destened for greatness..... well said mini-cubicle...very well said. =)

    yeah.. unfortunatly thats what i see alot of myself. but... on the flipside (waiting for the onslaught of disagreement)
    we have progressed "quite a bit" and we wouldnt have the number of parks we have today if skateboarding wasnt as "socialy acceptable" as it is today. being a skateboarder in the 80's was like... being a greaser in the 50's. only with neon shirts instead of biker jackets... there was no promisie of a real carreer or money..unless you were among the "VERY" few.. ex: hawk,hosoi etc.. and we didnt care.... but. as long as you skate for fun..youl always have it. youl have it for the rest of your life.. =) and you cant buy "fun" ........at least not until it come out on DVD on skateone.com =)
  • I agree about about the parks, but It doesn't really apply to me, because I'm 100% street haha. Ditches is about the closes I can come to any kind of vert. Plus living in San Antonio, at my local park if I rolled up with my pp board, I'd probably get mugged XD
  • ha ha. =) well........ try not to get mugged. that would not be good. at least u have ditches to ride at least.. we dont really have any here..and i always wanted to skate one.. =)
  • Well, there is only one good ditch around here, and It's by a really sketchy neighboorhood, so I don't like to go by there.

    Anyways it looks like the tail bones are gonna have to wait until I get my hands on a working drill. Oh well.
  • yeah dude..take your time..building these boards are as much fun as ridin em. later/
  • if anyone wants to buy these new trucks also, I'll give you a sweet discount ;)
  • hey since ur sister skates she should check out my all girl skate company here in maryland (if u live in the u.s.) our website is gustmd.tripod.com and our myspace is myspace.com/girl_skaters_unite i do free shipping on our orders and always give out a bunch of free stuff for every order we got limited stuff but ti would be awesome cause we need to get some wood done this summer and summer is right around the corner!
  • Well I finally got both tailbones on (found a drill) success! But, of course with my bad luck, I lost one of the screws for the tail bone and I'm wondering if they sell replacements for these?
  • good question...i doubt it..if they dont..bring one to the "hardware store" see if they have one similar
  • Yeah, that was my backup plan. I'm just glad I got the suckers in :p. But now my ray bones is pretty much impossible to ollie over an inch on but hey, that bored was really made for ollies anyway :p
  • hey min-cubicle -
    if you still have the Indy 215s, I'll trade ya a set of barely used Indy 166s;
    the hangar's as long as the 169s, the axle's just a hair shorter (from when
    they stopped making 69s for a time) - they're actually on the stage 9 169
    baseplate, with medium bones bushings. They've got a couple of grinds in,
    but nothing major. I've actually been looking for another pair of 215s to
    replace the ones my buddy "borrowed" off of me (then gave away on a trade
    of his own!)
    anyway, if interested, lemme know: sk8boardld@yahoo.com or here
    if not, no worries
  • Yeah that sounds great, I'm at school so I'll shoot you an email later, or you can email me. My address is Jamesd1029@hotmail.com
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