so yeah....... lets do this. i only ask for stuff i know we possibly have a chance in hell to get so here goes.
we still havent gotten the mcgill snakeskin but.. im being optimistic lets say. =) and.. with the release of
the hot pink bones shirt it seems only fitting the next colorway for that classic piece of history should only follow
with the best colorway made for it..and im pretty certain and someone correct me if im wrong
has NOT been done yet...
BUT!!! i want.. a blue dragon top graphic... PLEASE. GIVE IT SOME JUSTICE!!!

i know..i know.. the current colorway..needs to sell for a while and so on and so forth..but lets stir it up now and keep that art dept at powell peralta busy =)
think of it as uh...... job security. =) yep...... sounds good.


  • you talking classic shape pig or modern style?
  • I'd like modern style thank's,:)........signed.
  • either shape is fine. the current shape is good with k15. i just want that colorway w/top graphic.
  • Signed. Use the k15, i hear it's the best so far. Pig shape would be cool.
  • Pink works for me.
  • nice work guys. the more people that post the better chance someone in the right department will acknowledge this is a sought after deck. i do agree with the reissue of the shirt this deck would be a nice lil desert.
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