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  • It's treating me pretty well so far. Awesome pop. This one is the 126 k12 (7.625) I think. Probably would be better with low trucks, because mids are hard to balance on with new school decks. But all powell sticks are gonna be made with lig by this summer, so maybe wait and get the design that you like best.
  • cool, thanx. i have an element 7.75 im skating now that i love. with spf's and thunder 149s. i really dont skate my old school boards as much anymore..really getting into the whole "popsicle shape" its hard to go back now. =)
  • haha, same here. until my board just came, i was used to ollieing on my steadham, and now it's hard to do anything. 2 boards is all i need, a cruiser and a trick board. oh, have you tried STFs? i was going to buy a set, but decided to save my cash for the mcgill snakeskin when it hopefully comes out.
  • i havent ..are they good for skatelite/masonite? im sure ths question has been answered 6000 times.. but. i am looking for some wheels as well.
  • wouldn't know.... but soc has done a good job of making these wheels sound like THE sh*t to have.
  • You are I are opposite then Nick. I just can't skate my Lucero Popsicle. Even at 8.5 it's too narrow for me (Then again I'm 6'4" 280 and wear a size 14). I have been skating the Hawk Medallion the most as of late.
  • holy crap your a giant 6'4"!! =) yeah im ...5'10 155 and size 10. yeah...that would make sense then.. 10" is proabably perfect then. i still love my old school boards..but im thinning out my collection as of late. im keeping my vallely and my mountain because they are my favorites and i will defenetly build a snakeskin when they come out (hint hint) but as far as progressing.. i cant deny the popsicle. well that hawk medalion you have is an awesome set up. do you have a top shot of it? is it just standard gripped?
  • image

    Here's The Lucero too just for kicks.

  • nice =) that lucero looks like it has an awesome shaped nose on it. hawk looks good. im diggin that board alot.
  • Haha Nick I'm 5'10 also 129 pounds and I wear a size 11 :)
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    The Lucero is the most functional Board I have bought new in recent years. I'm really considering building the Cab Mech Dragon too. The Hawk like I said I hated it in HS when I first had one, but over the last few years I got the itch and had to skate one again. I have to say it's my favorite at the moment.
  • im posting my mech dragon on ebay either tonight or tomorow..il let u know if your intrested.
  • I'd be interested but I am BROKE. Taking the kids to Disneyland next week.
  • yeah.. thats more important.. no doubt. =) i havent been there in a few years.. good times.
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