best way to get graphics off a wheel?

I want to pick up some of the bones soft core wheels you have on special for my daughter's board - but I am thinking the graphics need to go. Whats the best way to get them off - steel wool?


  • yeah.. that shold do it. i dont know though for sure.. never taken graphics off wheels before,but i imagine that should be just abrasive enough to remove em without wrecking the wheel. i would just do it slowly..and lightly. see how it goes.
  • yeah very fine sandpaper or wool should work. I've used the sandpaper to remove wheel graphics before, use a little water or spit (yep spit) to keep it from scuffing too much. I have only done this on hard wheels, not sure how it will work with softer ones.
  • Duct tape- stick and rip!
  • ha.. thats not a bad idea actualy.
  • put them on the opposite way :P
  • yeah that would work bill... EXCEPT.. the pornograhic "graphic" is still visible on little girls skateboard. =)
  • lol use white out! haha
  • So Slippy, did it work and how did you do it? I used DTF's on my son's board and they've been great. My second option would have been soft-cores. Follow up, bro!
  • the new soft-cores are not even called soft-cores any more. they are under the ATF name and are called the General. you can always get a set of the new ones.
  • I have been slacking - haven't even placed the order yet. Another thought since the wheels are black is a sharpie. The new graphics are sweet - if you have any blems you want to let go cheep let me know ;)
  • will do slippy
  • I just ordered a set of the white ATFs on special - I think the graphic is OK. Not quite as suggestive as the ones on the black soft cores, but as with most things the wife will make the final call ;)
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