Bearings maintenance question

Just bought a set of REDS and I was wondering how you guys manage to get the bearings out of the wheels to clean 'm. Do you pry them out with a screwdriver ?

Read the instructions but they don't mention how to get them out ....


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    There are commercial skate tools that have a bearing installer/remover on them, such as the Fix Stix, but what I usually do is slip the bearing over the end of the axle, and pry it out of the wheel that way.

    I've got a set of Bones Swiss that have been around since '87 using that technique, so I guess it's not too hard on them.
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  • I too usually use the axle to pry them out of the wheel. The harder the wheel the tougher it is to remove and install them.

    To install I put a lil film of light oil in the wheel's bearing slot and use the skate board truck as a fixture and press the wheel against the truck till the bearing seats all the way into the wheel. The little bit of lubricity really cuts down on the effort involved in pressing them in.

    this is an improvised way, but it works me. I wouldnt not do this if you have softer brass or nylon caged bearings because you could distort the cages putting too much force on the inner race. A more proper way would be to use a socket that would support the outer race then press the bearing in with the socket. If you have a bench vice that would work very well at pressing the bearing in. other wise you could probably stand on the socket and get it to seat properly. ..or something.

    just some ideas.
  • i use the truck axle
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