i was wondering.. this deck is really growing on me..especialy in the colorway its coming out in and in k15. is this deck shaped more like a popsicle? if so i want one..the width seems to be perfect and i want to start riding more modern shapes for street. any input from anyone that has one is appreciated. thanx.... when is this colorway coming out????


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    The Hot Rods are cool! They are a long way from a popsicle stick, though!
    At 33.875" x 9.375" it's a big ol' beast with plenty of shape.
    But it's also a 10lb tank when only trucks, wheels, and grip are added!
    I have been hard pressed to find a dude who can flip her, successfully!
    I'm 6'5, 170, and it's almost too much deck for me! Makes a fantastic cruiser though!
    Here's my monkey ass trying to get her airbourne!!

  • looks like the tail is squared off in your pic? in the pic on the website it seems to have same shape nose/tail. oh well.. thats a pretty cool picture though.. nice shot =)
  • Thanks, man!
    My homeboy took the pic at the wrong time, though! Hahahah!
    You've got a good eye there, bro!
    It's the black Hot Rod with the gold and purple/green flame from last year.
    The tail was a bit more squared than the current Hot Rod, but it's similar enough to report on.
    Stay rollin!!
  • ahhh. makes the new one will be slightly different.. makes sense. thanx
  • that deck should be out with in the next few months
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    I know we're talking about the flames deck, but I can't recommend the new Rodriguez enough. When I Put it together and stood on it, I really just wasn't feelin' the way it looked under my feet - that giant nose just seemed too fat and awkward. But man, once you push off and ride it, it's like heaven.

    If you're thinking about a big, popsicle street board, the R-Rod is sweet. I use mine for bowls, and with some labyrinth's and DTF's, shoo - perfection!
  • sweet.. maybe il give that a shot. thanx
  • hey Nick,
    I've ridden the hot rod flames deck pretty religiously the past few
    years - the graffitti ripper's kind of been takin' its place some, kind
    of because it feels like the way I'd alter the hot rod flames to my
    personal preference: redrill the holes to give a bigger tail/smaller
    nose, & sand the nose down to be somewhat more flush w/front trucks.
    I've got a few classics in reserve, & when the new k-15s come out, I'll
    definitely get a couple - they're great for big bowls, big, drawn out
    carvin' round the sk8park. Definitely not for flippin', but I can still ollie
    on them ok, & the stability/shape is real solid for goin' fast as $%^*#
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