Death angel question.

I notice in the "completes" section you guys have 169 indys on it, do the wheels stick out? I hate my wheels to stick out. I have 149 indys on my f-14 reissue and they are a hair small but dont stick out. Anyone have pics of theirs from the top i can see? Thanks OOO


  • no they dont. i have one set up and its awesome..however i dont reccomend ratbones on that deck..some skatepark formulas will do it justice for that shape. youl love it it has an awesome shape
  • What up O?!
    Good to see ya on here as well, brother!
    The answer is: depends on which wheels you rock on it!
    Nick is right, ratbones (will work, but they) will be stickin out just a bit.
    G Bones, Crossbones, T Bones, etc will be just fine!
    Here's a pic of a Barbee Death with 169's and Rat Bones...
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    yeah good point.. if your gonna use it as a cruiser g-bones,cross bones etc.. will be fine. i have mine setup with 169's and 62mm spfs, bones swiss. its soooo fast on masonite and that nose just cradles your front foot perfectly. its VERY stable in pools. and the shape is good for street tricks etc.. its probably the most versitale deck i own. good mix of old and new and awesome grahphics.
  • Who are you 20dirtbag?....LOL. So if i used 169's and a modern style 55mm ish wheel they woudldnt stick out then. Ok. Im looking forward to the deck. I want something functional but not a popsicle. Thanks OO
  • "I want something functional but not a popsicle" thats exactly what you will get.. youl like this deck. its awesome.
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    Well i got my death angel and im stoked on it. Only thing that bugs me about powell boards, and im a powell guy, is the weird pattern the shrink leaves when you take it off. Not sure if i ever brought this up here before. I stared a thread on thins somewhere, not sure if it was here or another forum. Every powell re issue i have skated has the same issue. I have never seen this with any other company. Would love to know what causes it. Other than that im loving it. OOO
  • the shrink is still hot when they put it on and they stack it on a shelf..some of the time it goes away..sometimes not.
  • Wonder why it never happens with other companies. Maybe they use cold shrink wrap....LOL. This question is for SOC, do you guys plan on making this deck for a while? Or should i buy a bunch now since i really dig the shape and size of it. I would assume that you wouldnt make them in other colors since they only came in black, would you agree with that? Thanks OOO
  • If it's popular you may see another colorway run. In those era decks, probably be white or red.
  • red would be sick as shit
  • Cool. it would be nice to see it in a brighter color. I just hope they dont end the run. O
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