razor tail :(

I have a per welinder nordic skull street deck that is 7ply maple.. unfortunately the previous owner didnt use a tail bone and the kick tail is ground down pretty good. Its starting to crack because its so thin. The rest of the deck is in pretty killer condition.

Its a shame...i really love to ride this board; The shape is fantastic. I like to get up on my kicktail when i ride, but i cant do that with so much razor tail.

Im curious as to what you guys do about this. I could try and power sand down the end of the kick tail a bit and re-radius the end, then add a tail bone.. but that would shorten my kicktail...

what to do?!!!?



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    there is a way to add filler.. like a bondo type formula.. go on artofskateboarding.com they have a whole section that shows you how to do it,apply it and what types of material to use. its amazing what some of these guys have done. ive seen them literaly bring decks back from the dead.. its crazy..but after you do it.. youd have to add the tail bone and blend the coat you apply. its gonna have like a painted effect..so youd have to cover it up with a sticker under the tailbone..io.. re-paint it. depending on your creative ability however..it can be done,and still skateable, but probably not as strong as it once was...it will work...but it will be alot of work to do. if ready to take the challange though.. more power to you. like restoring an old hot rod wrecked in a junk yard...only...different?
  • I will look into that, ive seen some decks that have been repaired with a grey looking filler before. Im guessing this is the same stuff you speak of. It sounds like alot of work, but this deck is worth it it. I suppose there wont be a reissue of it coming out any time soon.. if not forever..
  • yeah..probably not. unfortunatly.
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    Hey Nick, i checked out that site. There are some pretty neat restorations there. This deck would be a perfect candidate.

    Heres a pic. The main graphic is nearly pristine. Its got a gold ripper on the top, but its about 45% intact.

    I set it up with my old red indys and OJII wheels. Its got cell block 3/16" riser pads right now, but id like to go a hair bigger. 1/4" should be better if i can find some. Right now im just cruising around town doing some slides and spins on it.


    I went and showed it off at my local skate shop the other day and walked out with a new set of bones reds for it :)

    The OJIIs are about done. I ordered some nos orange bullets for it. I think it'll look pretty neat.

    I sure would like to have some red and yellow 95a crossbones for it though.
    hint hint :)
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    that deck is in pretty good shape still.. its defently worth saving..no doubt.
    yeah i want some crossbones myself... HINT HINT. =)
  • ahh i forgot to mention that its also got some stress cracks. They are about 4-6'' long starting from the truck holes and run nose to tail.

    I dont think its anything to worry about though. I dont really beat on my old school stuff, so i figure it'll be alright.
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