Oldskookl skate music



  • only way to go!
  • yeah, great top 5 (or 31, but who's counting).
    Dinosaur Jr.
    John Coltrane
    Tom Waits
  • john coltrane....... nice.
  • I always have Coltrane's Traneing In from Gonz's part in Video Days, queued up in my ipod. Always reminds me that skating is just about having fun and being creative.
  • yep.. for sure.. couldnt agree more. =)
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    Agreed! After seeing Gonz's part in Video Days I went out and bought a random Coltrane album. Turned out to be "A Love's Supreme" I was instantly hooked. One of my all time favorite albums.

    But I refused to buy a Rocco product...
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    Good thread. I'ma gonna try some of these bands.

    For me, I have pretty diverse tastes, but when I'm heading for a session, it's gotta be old school and loud. My top 5:

    Dead Kennedy's
    Circle Jerks
    Black Flag
  • Circle Jerks !! Man, completely forgot about them .... really cool band too !!
  • dead kennedy's rock!! thats.. old school at its finest. =) oh yeah..and naked raygun.. 2 favs for old school.
  • right up my alley
  • bringing back the music thread
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  • this weekend i built soundtracks to both wheels of fire and streets on fire - the santa cruz vids from '88 and '89. i suffer from OCD, but as you can see there are benefits.

    Wheels Of Fire
    01 WHAT'S SO STRANGE ABOUT ME? - Eight Days A Week
    03 DIFFERENT WORLDS - Eight Days A Week
    04 HE WHO BEATS UP CHILDREN - Eight Days A Week
    05 WHEELS OF FIRE - Screaming Lord Salba & The Blue Flames
    06 POOL - J.F.A.
    07 JULIE'S SONG - J.F.A.
    08 PICK POCKET MAN - Eight Days A Week
    09 LEAVE ME ALL ALONE - Eight Days A Week
    10 MY MOVIE - J.F.A.
    11 ABA - J.F.A.

    Streets On Fire
    01 SONIC YOUTH - White Cross
    02 MINUTEMEN - Paranoid Chant
    03 BLACK FLAG - Scream (Live)
    04 BL'AST! - Surf And Destroy
    05 FIREHOSE - Brave Captain
    06 BLACK FLAG - Wasted
    07 SONIC YOUTH - Catholic Block
    08 BL'AST! - It's In My Blood
    09 DESCENDENTS - Descendents (Live)
    10 MINUTEMEN - I Felt Like A Gringo
    11 PAILHEAD - Don't Stand In Line
    12 BLIND IDIOT GOD - Dark And Bright
    13 BLACK FLAG - Nervous Breakdown
    14 MINUTEMEN - Tension
    15 PAILHEAD - Man Should Surrender
    16 FIREHOSE - Hear Me
    17 DESCENDENTS - Hope (Live)
    18 FIREHOSE - Sometimes
    19 DESCENDENTS - Silly Girl (Live)
    20 FIREHOSE - Windmilling
    21 DESCENDENTS - Coolidge (Live)
    22 SWA - Succumb
    24 BLACK FLAG - Depression
  • I like all kinds of music (so cool to see Coltrane fans here),
    but lately been on a Link Wray/Duane Eddy/Dick Dale kick-
    that old bad ass "surf" guitar sound never goes outta style...
    JFA & Social D rip, and post-session, some Peter Tosh/Lucky Dube
    reggae'll get ya good & relaxed, soul-ful.
  • RAMMSTEIN!!!!!!!!!
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