Clear Mini logo grip

Has anybody used the clear mini logo grip?? I want to know if it is a true clear tape or if its one of those grips that kinda looks frosted when its applied??


  • i was going to get a sheet but they ran out and i dont know if they are going to do anymore stay away from fkd grip it is terrible
  • Okay, thanks. What are your favorite brands of grip??
  • id have to say whoever made that super grippy colored grip in the 80s and the negative one colored grip
  • its fairly clear. you can tell that its gripped but its not going to be white looking
  • Edger Grip tape=the VERY best
  • For my old school decks Ive used jessup and wooster xtra course and regular wooster.

    I prefer the regular wooster. The xtra couse was too course and the jessup is too fine for me.

    Plus the regular wooster comes in a bunch of sick colors.
  • yea wooster makes negative one and they are located in ohio
  • Jessup is the only grip I've ever liked. Black Magic suck donkey balls, way too grippy. Mini Logo is not bad.
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