Steadham Deck

What deck is Steve Steadham riding at the moment?

Is it available on Powell?

I'm after another one of these decks in the rasta colours if anyone knows where I can get them.
It's NOT the street board that was in rasta colours too.

Powell Classic Steve Steadham:
Specifications Length: 32.625" Width: 9.25" Nose: 6.125" Tail: 6.5"
Wheelbase: 15.75" Shape: SOC165 Concave: K-10


  • The deck Steve was riding at Pro-Tec the last few years is one from his own line of boards Steadham Skates. They have a Lion of Zion logo and are pretty hard to find.
  • I believe what gurustew is looking for is this model:


    That particular K-10 variant of Steve's classic deck only lasted one colorway in 2006 and is long out of production. After that colorway his Powell Classic reissue reverted to the Spoon Nose mold.

    Best bet is to check ebay, I've seen a few pop up from time to time.

    Hope that helps.
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