Plastic or no plastic

So what do you guys prefer on your pig/fish? No plastic, maybe just rails, maybe decked out in plastic. Share your thoughts here.


  • I like rails, and a tail bone, but nose bone i need to constantly tighten the middle screw. Do what you want
  • Rails.. you gotta have rails! Big fat ones too.

    I have gorilla ribs on all of my og old school rides, and tailbones on a few.

    I dont really like plastic on the nose.
  • Rails for sure and maybe a Jawbone but tail plastics bug me except on freestyle decks. They feel weird when I ollie and on tailslides.
  • No's not needed for anything
  • sorry..dont know how i missed this one. =P i usualy put rails,tail bone, jaw or nosebone on all my "old school" boards. they just belong on there..and they look cool. my new school boards are "naked" no need for em on those.
  • I have rail's on all my board's, but l use gorilla rib's and nos Rib bone's.
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