Why No Longboard Wheels?

Hey, was riding a friends longboard around the other day. He is Way Into It and has more into his various rigs than I have into my car. Anyway he had some of those enormous (and VERY SEXILY colored, i might add) longboard wheels.Orangutang, Retro and something else I can't remember - they were green. Out of curiosity, I looked to see what Skate One had for similar, but only saw "cruiser" style wheels.

Who knows more about urethane than Powell? How come you guys aren't into the longboard wheel thing? Sitting the trend out? Seems like you could make a 70mm center set Rat Bone w/out much trouble, you'd need some colors other than black though.

Just wondering.


  • check their surf one line
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    we are currently looking in to making a wheel similar to the Orangutang but thats all i can really say at the moment because it hasn't been talked about much so far. that orange and lime green are pretty boss
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