How 'bout some Kids T Shirts?

Sure I can make a Vato Rat T w/a Sharpie and a clean undershirt, but my kids are on to me and consider that to be lame.

How 'bout a run of a couple of your standards - Powell Dragon & maybe a Vato Rat in Youth Small sizes? Even a bunch in the 6 year old kid range - not sure what that would be, but its the size range below Youth Small.

Hell, I'd pre-order. I bet there are enough us on here who would like to get our kids skate shirts. If I have to pay to put a logo on my kids' backs, might as well be from a company that I like.

Also - no white shirts - little kids ruin them in a heartbeat. Dark, stain hiding, reds and blues, please!


  • there are currently two that we should still be running for some time. one is the Rat Bones Graffiti and the other is Vato Rat. they are on the PP section of apparel and at the very bottom. should be a few weeks before we can update the stock.
  • Thanks, yes, saw those.

    I mean LITTLE kids sizes, not middle school kids sizes. Smaller than a Youth Small (though Youth Small would be OK as well). Not Baby sizes, but sizes that are called 4-5, & 6-8. Those'd fit your standard issue little grom. Also, look at your market for the old school stuff - we have kids & would dress 'em appropriately! New style stuff is of no interest to me, so that eliminates 99% of the Bones line for my little guys. Now, the VCJ stuff? I'd buy the kids one of each. And I'd pre-order. Think about it! Moms who would balk at a dgk T would be fine w/an Oval Dragon....
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    ill pass on your request
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