Tony Hawk Iron cross T's on ebay

Came across a company called Glisse Diffusion on ebay which is selling new T's with Tony Hawk iraon cross on them. Same company sells Ripper T's, etc ...

Is this all ligit stuff ? Or is it fake ? Company is located in Thailand ...

Did Powell Peralta ever make Tony Hawk T's ?


  • doesnt sound too legit. we will check them out. thanks XA ill let you know what we find out
  • sounds like a rip to me. get em Jesse!
  • yea those are totally rips! they will be shut down. Thanks XA4
  • No problemo :-)
  • Did you ask if powell peralta ever made tony hawk T's? Woah.
  • yeah....... no offense. but come on seriously?
  • I saw that saw that too, but hoped it was a typo!
  • well, actually, I had never seen the ones I saw on ebay ... the Iron Cross skull on the back ...

    back in the days I never saw any of those in shops around Brussels, remember that there was no Internet in those days he :-)
  • Sowensom Nick, noskookl, do you guys have a picture of TH T's from his Peralta era ?
  • Pink one in the middle. God SOC if you ever do this shirt, please don't do this pink!
  • great pic. i couldnt find a decent one. nice =)
  • yeah I like that pic too. I love the Harris and Chin shirts too and the Yellow color on the Dragon is sick! Nick it took me a few to find that pic, there are not many of that shirt, but tons of the deck.
  • I had a RatNuts T-shirt in that same nauseating pink/peach color back in the day!!
  • Rat Nuts always sounded so DIRTY! gotta love it!
  • the harris and the banner dragon shirts are sick!
  • I found some Iron Cross tees tonight on ebay, and now I'm curious if these are rips as well. They say they're new but without tags.. not sure if they mean price tags or the actually tag on the inside proving it to be the real deal. Soc you should take a peek and see what you think.|66%3A2|39%3A1|72%3A1205|240%3A1318|301%3A0|293%3A1|294%3A50
  • Ok i think its the same company/seller as before..just noticed these are also in Thailand.
  • If it hasn't got a Powel Peralta tag on it, it's a dud. I'm sure the graphic's would fade off after a couple of wash's.
  • birdhouse did that shirt back in my early days the bottom should say birdhouse projects but alot of those asian countries do rip off stuff i went to a walmart today and found a shirt with an american flag on it and it was made in some other country i was like wtf are u serious! the company who wanted to do that shirt could have got it made here how weird!
  • brigade_bill: my sister bought me a Harley T-Shirt in the States at an official Harley dealer and it was made in China, of all places. I was so dissapointed to find out one of those American icons also succombed to profit.

    Guess it must be cheaper to produce in countries where labour is cheap and where unions are forbidden.
  • u know harley davidson and vans is the same company and yea it is a shame it is one of the many reasons why our economy is so messed up is because all those years of buying foreign stuff finally caught up to us and now we are paying for it
  • yea skaterj, if its from Thailand its most likely a rip. its hard for us to go after them and shut them down but we are trying.
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