The Hawk Iron Cross Petition.

O.k, I'll start this one, we've heard from the great man that he's keen for it to happen. I'm not worried about
the colourway, l just want this to be reissued.


  • count me in too, definitely
  • I'll commit to 2 in every color released. Minimum. Shoot, I'll pre-pay.
  • as long as its full size. count me in of course.
  • Just like cwalker, I'm committed to 2 in every colour released also and would be more than happy to pre-pay. If there are any political issues to re-issuing the board due to skate politics, might I suggest that perhaps the parties could agree that a portion of the proceeds goes to the Powell skate park and / or Tony Hawk skate park foundations?
  • #@!& Yeah!!!!!!
  • Yes, I'll pre pay as well! But like Nick said, it has to be full size. I'm sure Nick's McGill is in the bag (not to jinx of course!!) so hopefully we'll see something come of this.
  • rruslim has the right idea. this deck is way to epic not be re-released. everyone knows how well it will sellout. people that have been himing and hawing over collecting.. will be forced to start now. they will have no excuses anymore.
  • Totally agree with you guy's. They know how much we want this board and others in this generation.... Lance and Tommy are you listening???.......Mold the board's and we will puchase them!!!
  • I'll commit to buy. I have an orig in blue, but i want one in pink :)
  • To prove my point, I just dropped $400 on an old one that would have went straight to SOC. I generally don't have any interest in 'original' stuff - reissues are just as good for me. But since I can only buy original...

    (I still think I got a good deal though. ;-) Purple bonite with mint plastics and some mint Tracker Ultralights like Hawk used to use.)
  • edited June 2009 it full size..or a mini?? just curious.
  • I agree, reissues are great. Like you said cwalker.. we have no options right now with the iron cross and many more other than buy orig. I'd rather spend my money on a boat load of reiusses to build a collection rather than spend a ton of money on just one board. come one guys start the reissue!!
  • Yeh l'm down with that. It's a re-issue but Powell peralta made it still! The word must of got out about Tony agreeing to do a re-issue, as every man and his dog are trying to unload the original's on E bay while they can still get big dollar's for them.
  • good price for full size complete. nice score. =)
  • ill sign it im not an old school dude but we all know that graphic is amazing! i had the birdhouse version back in the day
  • I'll gladly sign it!

    I'd love to relive the glory days of my favorite cue!! My personal favorite was a silver Boneite version (set up with Tracker Sixtracks and black 97A Crossbones), but I never complained about the 4 or 5 other colorways that I rolled back in the day either!!
  • Wow! This is great! Like the McGill,everyone is keen as for this board to be re-issued!! I alway's wanted this board when l was a whipper snapper.......the feeling of finally owning and riding one would be such a high!!
  • By the way......l was hoping to see a lime green Hawk. I don't know what you guy's think but l reckon they look sick!
  • For sure Lime or yellow full size and JHS imports a heap of them.
  • Def ,I'd by 1 in every color way that and the Mcgill would be so DOPE!!!!
  • no doubts i'd take at least one also,any color
  • Well I've picked lime as a colourway, anyone got any other colour's they want to see it in??
  • Silver is probably the iconic color.
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    im goin with lime green.. blue winged ripper on top. full size...done. call it a day.
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