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OK...first of all this picture is bad A$$. but more importanly.. this should be the next C.D colrway..and.. lets see those rat bones in pink in 85a just like in the picture. that would pretty much rock. period.


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    i fully agree with both points.

    actually... lets bring the flaming dagger back in lime green while we're at it :D
  • Killer ad, always loved it. Such a good time in life, that era.
  • oh my god..i thought at first it was SOC saying those things were coming i got so excited
  • Hell with the Rat Bones, let's have the Cross Bones.
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    i agree about the crossbones.. but the ratbones are already in production it would be alot less cost effective to just make them in pink. especially in 85A. that would make alot of people happy.
  • Rat Bones in 85a in ANY color 'cept black would make me happy-on-toast. Pink, red, blue, green, whatever.

    Not long ago I was watching an Ebay deal where a guy had lime green 85a Rat Bones - NOS - still in shrink wrap. I watched it figuring that they would go big at the end, so why bother, y'know? To spare myself the pain, I stopped watching w/15 mins to go.

    They went for 19 bucks. Shipping was like 6 bucks.

    I was inconsolable for a couple of days. I'm still a little weepy at odd times, when the memories come back, but I am doing much better now.
  • That was my second Powell board, the one I had for the longest and liked the most, the light blue cab chinese dragon. And yes, I want it reissued!


    That was taken about 15 seconds after I set it up that day.
  • Baby Blue all the way! i love that color way
  • I'm putting in the requests now, and will be asking for the Pink Rat Bones and the light blue Chinese Dragon. Let me know if there is anything else.
  • how about some 97A crossbones?

    just a thought...
  • yeah.. get rid of those g-bones and replace em with crossbones.
  • +1 on replacing G-Bones with Crossbones.
  • I'd like some Crossbones IIs myself.
  • colored 85a ratbones
  • if you guys make the mcgill snakeskin and chinese dragon in baby blue with pink ratbones 85a's. for fall catalog...
    i will be in heaven.
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