Storing/Hanging Completes

I'm trying to figure out the best way to display and store my vintage decks. I just have 3 decks right now and they are my riders, so I need a rack or something I can easily remove them from. I noticed in a couple collection photos that there are wooden racks that the decks slide into and hold them at a nice angle to see the graphics. With all the talk of deck warping, I want to make sure I go with something that is now going to ruin my decks. They made it from the 80's in pretty good shape and I hate to ruin them now.

I've got plenty of wood working equipment, so could make just about anything.


  • display cases would be good
  • That may work, but I'm looking for something more like a rack, so they are easy to take in and out.
  • well if u look at the homes of tony and mike v u will see that they got their boards in display cases and im sure it is locked by a key so im sure that is easy and will keep it from warping but if u dont want to go that way then u can order some display racks
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    Just did a search and there seem to be a ton to choose from. I just need to find some plans and build one myself.
  • You want something to store your riders in right? If you build a rack, make sure you have them parallel to the ground. If you store decks any way but graphic side down, preferably on it's wheels, to prevent warping. This more important if your are storing in a non climate controlled place.
  • great advice Noskool. thanks
  • no prob
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