Ripper L.E #3

Ripper just in
a few quick shots coming right up..shrink wrap still on.awesome metallic green does change to copper from sharp angles,not obvious but its groovy for sure.real sharp deck.


  • thanks for sharing the photos - now i really want one of those!!!
  • great post. love how you displayed the color change effect. thanks tons
  • Pretty cool but why didnt they make the ripper smaller so his finger tips didnt get chopped? =s
  • no problem guys.

    yeah its a zoomed in ripper,not sure if they will all be that way.the graphic is definitely larger than a pool light ripper.the lime top with gold dragon is not what i expected either but i think thats intentional with this particular deck.i've never seen a P/P board like it goes perfectly with my others though.
  • really nice board and #3 is pretty cool. Who has 1 and 2 ?
  • Gotta give you props on the 'Threepio head! How about pics of the Star Wars collection?
  • I got #7. I was bummed that it was just on a card though - I took it out of the shrink to hang, so the disconnected card is kind of useless. Oh well, it doesn't really mean anything.
  • thanks
    i took mine out of the plastic also,too much glare.i might hole punch the card and hang it through the would have been extra cool if the numbers were stamped on the decks but i'm not complaining.i wanted one of these to go with my original skull/sword on the same shape.
    heres a few better pics

    here you go Peg Leg.i have other SW pics on my Flickr page but too many to post here
  • This picture shows the shrink marks that many of us have talked about (bottom right on the tail). I wish they could sort that out. Mine had a ton of marks, but I'm used to it. And no, it doesn't go away. I have some boards that are 2+ years old with it.

  • Unfortunately cwalker3, i dont think they will ever resolve the shrink issue. All you have to do is wait a few years for it to go away. I have a purple jet fighter that i got when my daughter was born 4 years ago and the marks are just starting to fade. Dont you think with all the complaints about the warping and shrink they would figure something out? oh wait, im the only one who ever gets warped re-issues...LOL. I bleed powell peralta but small details like these bum me out even is they are JUST re-issues.
  • i have a couple Cabs from a few years ago,they have no markings at all so i'm not sure what the difference was.i'm pretty sure they never had any.even the black one has no signs of shrink prints. my latest 2 have obvious markings
  • When I saw the pics online, I thought "Meh, it's pretty cool." I saw it tonight and was blown away. The metallic green is SICK! Great job guys!
  • The next limited deck coming out will be the Skull and Sword with the skeleton background on the Gee Gaw shape in green. Should be the same number, 240. I'm working on a new ltd edition stamp to put on the deck. something simple like #____ out of 240. Should I have it separate or incorporate it at the bottom of the top graphic.

    I will talk to the master screener and see if there is anything we can do about the shrinkwrap. I know we've been using the same stuff for a while.
  • Will that be lime green? Will it have a blue winged ripper on top or the dragon?
  • Yes, Lime green. I've seen the bottom mock up but I have not seen the top graphic yet, but that would be a good choice. Thanks
  • i think it should be stamped either on the top under the winged ripper, or on the bottom where the back truck holes are. just my opinion.
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    by the way.. "allhallowsghost's" picture of the ripper in the grass with the bird behind it that looks like a raven, is awesome..its a very "edgar allan poe-esque" picture.. made me want to buy i fianlly did. =) nice job.
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    just got my ripper L.E. today. such an awesome deck =) i have to say........ i looked at pictures of NOS ones in the same shape (see below) and this one is better! i like the way the "waves" or "rips" go all the way to the edge. and i love how big the ripper is.. the original has a much smaller ripper and the "bigger" ripper in my opinion looks way better on this deck!! great job guys.. you actualy made an original graphic look better on a re-issue than on an original. just my opinion.. i know not everyone will agree......

  • excellent,someone post it with the old ones now.i have an old skull/sword but no old rippers.those old schools are so sick too.i need that black and blue one,and the orange,and the silver....
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