Im putting together a flatland/freestyle board for myself

im getting the Harris Mountie deck and one of the Tracker trucks, what are the differences between them?

also, as for wheels im looking for wheels that are basically not hard or soft, just in the middle somewhere..



  • is another website that sells the Tracker fultrak 106 trucks. As for differences, the 106s comes with superball bushings which are softer then the bushings on the larger tracker dart trucks.

    For wheels, I would aim for something around 92A to 95A.
  • thanks rruskilm! now us here at SOC know where to direct customers who are looking for smaller trucks for freestyle decks.
  • Your welcome.

    It would be great if SOC could sell these 'short' trucks also. Helps for people who want everything done in one order rather than sourcing stuff from multiple shops.
  • we have looked in to stocking them but we really dont receive any demand for them on our end. when customers do ask we like to support the shops and send business their way. sorry for the inconvenience
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