• thanx bill. =) just submitted. thats awesome.
  • no problemo
  • They don't send to Europe .... too bad
  • yea lol id send u some but im broke
  • Just bought 3 pair of oldskool Visions [they are ridiculously cheap for the moment here]. I'll just put some glue on the back of the shoe box lid :-)
  • Yea, I was looking on eBay for some VSW clothes and was surprised how inexpensive the old school VSW shoes were. It's a shame they were so God-awful uncomfortable. I wish old school AirWalk prototype's were that inexpensive and easy to find.
  • has anybody recieved their stickers yet?
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    avoid this post
  • Area code 303 means they're in Denver! Bill, do have their address?
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    ding ding ding u are correct they are in englewood,colorado!

    i just left them a message on myspace about the vision stickers

    here is what they said:

    "Hey Gust, We currently have no predetermined time frame for the Vision Sticker send, and don't have the resources to mail them out in a single bulk mailing (as the submissions number in the tens of thousands). We are sending them out in the order they were received, and as quickly as possible. "

    so that means u just gotta wait but they WILL come

    someone mentioned them finding their number and address on here soooo yea
  • speaking of vision.. i ordered a gator and a gonz re-issue. they are both pretty awesome. =)
  • You back into the old school boards Nick? I thought you were into the modern shapes now.
  • oh not skating em. i just hung em on the wall. =)
  • I'm going to go ahead and guess that they aren't coming.

    I remember back in the day most of the companies, (Vision, PP, SC, ect) had "Send SASE for free stickers" on the bottom of all their ads in Thrasher and TransWorld, with the disclaimer "6 to 8 weeks"....and usually the stickers would show up within 4 weeks. We're going on a year this time.

    Oh well, they were Vision big loss.
  • Oh Yeah, I forgot about those. Guess I shouldn't hold my breath anymore. Thanks Vision!
  • A let down from Vision, say it ain't so, Brad Dorfman?!?!

    No big shock here- but I tell you what, I did make my way on the the Draven spam list in the process.

    Wow, thanks :{o ...for wastin' my time.
  • yea i think they are out of them
  • never got mine....but judging by the big increase of og vision stickers on evilbay this past year... allot of people did..
  • yea like they said it was first come first serve but they will get more in
  • hey folks u better hurry they just released some old school ones so go to and click on promo
  • Thanks brigade_bill for the info. Just placed my order... still feel a little sceptical if I'm ever gonna get them but only time will tell.. Let's hope vision pulls through.
  • yea i just saw the bulletin on myspace so i figured id rush and let u guys know
  • you figure they would take care of the people waiting, but I don't think it'll happen. Lame.
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