Squeeking noise from trucks

I ride Indy stage 10's and since a c day or 2 they make a nerv wrecking squeecky noise .... anybody knows how to get rid of that. Is it because I ride 'm too tight ?


  • after a while they all do it. i dont think there is a way to totaly get rid of it. ive had loose set ups and tight and i cant seem to escape this issue myself.......
  • New bushings can be squeaky but usually mellow out once they're broken in. Are you riding the indy stock bushings or bones? If you replaced the stock bushings with another brand, make sure they're seated properly. Sometimes that will cause a squeaking/clicking noise.
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    Its the pivot cups, my last set of new Indys did the same thing.

    I replaced them and my trucks were quiet. Maybe a shot of graphite powder would fix it as well.
  • Slippy got it on the nose.
  • ok, thanks for the replies ... guess I'll just have to buy an I-Pod.
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