2009 Spring catalogue.

Is that the new 2009 spring catalogue on the home page? I just looked at it, and everything is the same. Is this it?


  • The next catalog out is the Fall 2009.
  • yea that catalog is outdated now so next one should be out next month
  • HAHAHA!! Yeh sorry fella's! I live in Australia and we are going into Spring, l keep forgetting your season's are opposite to mine.
  • well then guess ur lucky what is it like having heat in december and february of all months
  • hey boner... i know this is totaly off topic.. but thats kinda my style =) .. ever see the movie wolf creek? supposedly based on true events in austrailia.. any truth to that?
  • Yes. It's loosely based on a true story. I haven't seen the movie, but there were 2 english backpackers who were stopped by this bloke on this lonely highway in the outback.Google Peter Falconio murder, and that will tell you the story on it.
    The out back is so big, people go missing all the time out there. 90% of the time it's tourist's, they go out there under prepared. They don't take enough water and food or tell anyone where there going. We just had an english tourist go missing for 2 week's in the Blue Mountain's.
    Yeh Bill it get's really hot here over Christmas! The fiery's are back burning all over the place at the moment in preparation for the Bushfire season.
  • dude...... thanx for info boner!! thats pretty crazy im defenetly gonna google that. =)
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