For future reference

I just got a Mini-Logo deck that I ordered in Nano Green. I know that it says when you order that if you are out of the color, then use another color, but the deck I got was natural. Now if there was no other color options available then I completely understand, however if not then just a suggestion. If someone orders a brightly colored board, then try and use another colored deck rather than natural. I love the deck and am not hung up on graphics and things (hence the ML) but I do like color:)! No worries though cause I got the Ripper Stencil and can paint it up.


  • Maybe they were thinking that if they didn't have the color you wanted it was better to give you no color at all. That would be my preference.
  • yea if they run out of something they go to the next best thing or what they have left
  • send me your address noskool and I will send one out to you when I get some in with the nano green. email it to me with the deck shape. Sorry about that.
  • Yeah Axiom I wondered about that as well. Animal no need for apologies, I still got the deck I wanted and the color is not really that big of a deal, I was just wondering that's all. Sorry for the delayed response, but I was at the beach all week catchin some waves!:)
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