New McGill colorway??

Im holding out to see what the next color for the Mcgill reissue will be. Any hints or clues as to when it will be out and what color it may be?


  • Yes what color is next??? How about Black?? or the same neon green that the Harris is???
  • yes that green like the harris is a great choice!
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    ding ding ding!!! Black is correct for the daily double.
  • Cant go wrong with black but that neon green would be great to.
  • So when will the new colors be released???
  • Black would be great, but please stop to re-issue the pig-model. Why don't you do a later snakeskin background shape/graphic?

  • the new decks will take about a month or so to come out. as for the bottle nose shape, ill throw that one at the art dept. and see if they can make it happen next catalog. thanks for the input guys!
  • Yeah, a bottle nose with red background and purple snakeskin. That will work.
  • that sounds hot! ill toss that at the design team. thanks
  • Don't care if the bottle nose or the later model. But please no more pigs. Snakeskin with the "electric" McGill name is the deal. Colors? Neon green, black, pink, etc. Just do it and we'll buy it!
  • i am an online retailer and i must agree with all the above comments.....please reissue some different decks, the pigs are nice but a bottlenose would sell 5X as many for me in any color.

    just changing the color every 6 months gets a bit old for most people...we want change!!!!

    how bout some new lance mountain FPs if you just want to change colors on the reissues!
  • page printed and left for the art department. thanks for the comments!
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